Friday, October 20, 2006

Yesterday, Regina and I went to both Fabric City stores, on Northern Blvd. and 101 st street in Queens. We saw some really cool trims, fabrics, notions and stuff. I bought a few pieces of fancy venise (venice?) lace for $1.00 each and a skein of Kool Wool. I also walked away with a gift bag of Austrian crystal AB baguettes. I spent $5.00... but while Regina was paying for her goodies, a NICE sale caught my eye. A HUGE ROLL *200* yards, of SHEER BLACK *WIRED* RIBBON with gold thread edges... $5.00!!!!
So in total I spent $10.00 and walked away GIDDY!

I love the wide variety of products that they carry between the two stores (both on the same street). AND they are VERY kind, and VERY helpful!

Today- I went back to the tiny thrift store I mentioned before called "Just Things" in Long Island City.
I purchased a black dressy Sag Harbor Wool 3/4 length skirt NWT (new with tags), for only *$3.00*! The tags said $48.00! Sitting at the bottom of an apple crate was an entire set of cast metal Monopoly pieces, with dice, which I had my eyes on the last time I was there ... for only $2.00... I was so glad that they were still there!
Laying on a chair in the back room, was a large clear heavy plastic portfolio ... in like new condition, I picked it up for only $2.00. The item I found last, was some sort of contraption hidden on a lower shelf in a dark corner. It looks like it would hold some sort of spice bottles maybe?
It was marked $3.00 and as much as I wanted to ask her to lower the price, I left it as it was and just handed her the money. My vision for it, is to use it to hang my polymer beads from, while they dry, after glazing them.

It is a tiny little shop, with things that you would find at a yard sale, or estate sale. It is not a pretty store, and is not at all glamorous. Yet, I felt something unique about the store, and decided to ask the owner, Ann, if she would like to TRY and sell some of my stuff there.
Now, I know what you might be thinking... Oh Amber, NOT YOUR DESIGNS!
In a JUNK store?
*MY* designs, in a junk store!
I cannot describe it.
There is something about it that I feel compelled to TRY.
The last time I was there-
Ann had voiced an interest in her daughter learning how to make the beads that I was wearing. After describing the process step by step, I think they felt it was a bit much, as far as work was concerned, for such small beads. But Ann, made a huge deal about the ones that I made, telling her daughter that she should make them to sell.

Although Ann takes a 50/50% commission.
It is pretty much what I would get to show at any low end retail shop.
The higher end boutiques in Manhattan ask for 40/60% and that does NOT thrill me!
When I show work in galleries or stores, I usually do it more for advertising than sales anyway.
What interests me more than money, is to SHOW my work, and have people react to it.

I like my idea because the store she has is seen by all kinds of people, a VARIETY of people. It is not too far from Manhattan, it is close to Silver Cup Studios, and LOTS of other COOL stores, boutiques and hot spots. I just want to have FUN!

There is also an Art-O-Mat STORE/Gallery down the block from "Just Things" and I hope to go there the next time I am in that area.

I spent the rest of the day and night on Roosevelt Island at my friend's house teaching her how to make a polymer clay rose cane, and how to write letters with clay forming canes, and how to reduce them.
We watched the DIY channel, as she had TIVOd several shows to share with me.
OK, just so you know, I do not have cable TV. When I do watch TV, it is regular TV, or I watch my own collection of DVDs and tapes.
I don't have much time to sit an' watch TV.
I saw Donna Kato make some very pretty cane motifs, and create pendants with them.
I would like to try her technique.

These beads above were designed for a glitzy bead swap that I hosted on Polymer Clay Central years ago.
The image transfer lays beneath glass, and is set in Premo polymer clay.
The matching Angel & Wings beads, are covered in ultra fine glitter and set with Swarovski rhinestones.

I would really LOVE to hear your feedback!



Anonymous said...

Hi, Amber!

I was so glad to find your blog! I love your stuff and am still enjoying the terrific little polymer clay buttons you made for me last year!

Sally White
Henderson, Nevada

inventivesoul said...

~*Sally*~, It has been a long time since we last spoke. I hope you are doing well and having fun making your beautiful style of art work.
I was recently looking at your Vintage Pocket Books, here-

I just LOVE them Sally!
& I treasure the swap you sent me too!
Thank you for finding me!