Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~*In the making!*~ Hyperion Cantos- the MOVIE! 2010!

I read a long time ago that one of my favorite books was being made into a movie- it is now in production with Warner Bros. and due out in 2010- I cannot wait to see how they produce it!
It is bound to be an amazing movie!

If you've not read Hyperion or The Fall of Hyperion you might like it.
It is SciFi... But WOW!!! Even if you are not a SciFi Fan... flip through it in the book store and see if you might like it.

I did find some of the pages hard to get through, but if you push through them, there are better pages ahead.
I read this over 10 years ago and still rate it at the top of my list for SciFi books.
A book full of fabulous imagery and thought provoking ideas.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

~*Happy Mother's Day!*~

There are so many wonderful, fabulous and fantastic mommies out there all over the world who I would LOVE to send a personal HAPPY MOTHERS DAY message to.
But I don't have enough time to email and mail you all so-
I will share it here, for all to see-

Wishing all of the mommies and mums a
beautiful and delightful -
From me!
Amber Dawn

(This includes all of the mommies of furbabies and feathered babies too!)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Looking to trade...

These are the items I am looking for at the moment.
I don't need full packs, but all of the items must be in new condition.

Do you have any of them?
If so- let me know your wish list please.

TIM HOLTZ Charms Fragments (with holes) & Rectangles and Squares
Tim Holtz Keyholes, sprockets and gears, trinket pins, link chains, and ornate plates.

GREEN BEADS- not seed beads or bugles or cheap looking plastic.
I need ~*NICE*~ glass. 48+ pieces 4-10mm rounds, faceted, crystal, pressed, etc.

Scribbles slick and matte fabric paint in the small bottles- Pinks, greens, black, white, purples, blues, yellows, oranges

Sprockets and Gears 1/2 inch or less.No smaller than 1/4 inch.

Assorted cellophane bags and envelopes with adhesive strip

Glass slides and CLEAR un frosted memory glass, in NEW and unused condition.
Memory frames for the glass.

Bubble mailers 8-10 inches wide

Scrabble tiles, all kinds.

That's it for now!

Just click on comments below this post and let me know- or if you already know my email, please email me.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Rose in the glass (2007)

Not sure if I ever posted this one, but snapped the pictures for Charm Day.
I made it with the torch and glass in 2007... I am self taught so this was just exprimental.
It's a rose, encased in clear.
I love it!

I'm glad that it's May...

I am really thankful that April flew by so fast.
It started off so very painful for me...

The inspiration to start a holiday out of the random blue came to me at a time that I *REALLY* needed a huge distraction. (It was the end of March)

Thankfully, my focus was on getting through the month by looking forward to happy and enjoyable events.

THANK YOU to all who helped me celebrate the first annual International Charm Day.
It was great fun and I met so many more nice and charming artists out there on the *world wide* web.

It was also really nice to have so many good & familiar online friends joining in & being so supportive as well as excited about the idea.

There is so much change going on in this world, in my life, in my heart...
I feel we all need more GOOD days to plan for and look forward to.

Wishing you all a fantastic and healthy weekend.
Remember to be more careful...
Remember to be more full of care.