Thursday, October 05, 2006

This is a very sweet pin that I made back in 2000.
I made it as an experiment and then sold it on Ebay.
It was purchased from me by the AMAZING Kate Kelly Gallegos (of PhotoArt Stamps fame. It was through my Ebay relationship with Kate Gallegos that I came to learn about online art groups.

Through that single hook up, I met thousands of supportive and talented artists and designers.

Thinking about it- I also have my older brother to thank too...
I am where I am today, as an online interactive art zinester and now experimental blogger because one day while chatting with him, he mentioned Ebay. Ebay is what started it all for me with my online sales and barters. I am glad to have experienced the chain of events that have lead me here to this very moment.


I just put on some DKNY perfume today for the first time, and it is so intoxicating! I am so enjoying the scent as it as it circulates in the air! *takes a deep breath*
It has a subtle melody of woods mixed with gentle florals, and a light clean citrus.

One of my favorite 80s songs is playing on Jack FM "Don't you forget about me..." From the movie "The Breakfast Club"

My new friend Regina gave me some of her super thick tigertail wire, so that I could fix my "Paris" art-to-wear purse strap.
I am going to submit it to Stampington for one of their publications.
I am not sure if it is what they are looking for.
This will be the first item that I ever submit to a magazine for consideration.
It was actually designed for a book that another artist was trying to publish, but the publisher declined the project and so I have this purse ready to be put in print somewhere!
Hey, if they don't want to use it, I will have to find someplace to print it.
It will not be posted to the blog yet... You will have to wait to see it!

These earrings were custom made for Donna back about 7 or so years ago.
I don't think she was too happy with them...
If I remember correctly, she felt that they weren't long enough for her particular face structure...
Oh well.

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