Monday, October 23, 2006

77 people have joined in on the International Handmade Artistic Charms Swap so far.
I made a group to host the event on yahoo so members of the swap can keep up with details and rules.
Check out the site that inspired the swap
It is really great to be involved with a swap like this because I love making charms and wearing them, all year round.

Today is a cleaning day for me...
As usual, I am finding lots of fun stuff that I tucked away in bags and boxes.
Such cool stuff that I will be able to use for making my charms.

In other news-
I took my kiln off of the floor last night and put it on top of a small wooden stand.

I have not used it once since I bought it. It is still wrapped up in it's shipping 'gear'.
Perhaps I will experiment with it sometime next week.

The kiln has been sitting on my floor, under a pile of other supplies for over a year.
Honestly, I have so many ideas, but no clear direction for using it yet.
When I purchased it, it was for me to use for making flame/torch beads.
So I bought one with an annealing door. It is a Jen Ken kiln with an octagonal shape and a digital controller. I love the shape.
Sadly, I am too chicken to set up the tanks to use the torch in my house so, well, who knows what I will try first.
I can always fuse glass, fire PMC, and fire earth clay.

If you would like to trade supplies with me, I would LOVE to have things that I can fuse, fire and enjoy!

Off to clean some more... more news later.


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