Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh how I wish my hair was colored today. I have an unused box of Revlon (red) sitting on my shelf. But the evening news states the coloring is bad for one's health.

This picture is of me back in May of 1991. I used LOTS of color in my hair back then. Most of it was vegetable dye from Manic Panic, or Ricky's.

The color of my hair here is actually pink, and bright magenta dyed over bleached blonde/light brown hair.

The lipstick was a nice purplish pink shade which matched my hair quite nicely.

I met my husband a month after this picture was snapped... He was not thrilled with nor attracted to the amount of cosmetics and hair products I used... Nor did he care for the colors either.

Over the years he has put up with my CRAZY and wild styles. We have been together ever since! (You know that it MUST be love!)

These days my hair is very long and brown... I'd say it is kinda boring if you ask me. I haven't really had a decorative hair style in a while.

Many years ago, I used to go through several bottles of hair products in the course of a year. Mouse, gel, sprays, glues, goops, pomades, oils, etc.

I even carried around a spare travel size bottle and toothbrush for touch ups with a horrid little cordless curling iron. The toothbrush was not used for my teeth, it was for teasing my hair! (I learned that from a drag queen)

This month I have been thinking a lot about what I can do with my hair to give it more of an artistic look. The problem is, I have the type of hair that is wavy, gets VERY frizzy and looks dry all of the time, even though it is really soft. Doing some research online helped me learn why the hair looks dull. My hair type does not reflect light the same as other hair types because of the strand structure...

Well, I found a few hair products that tame the frizz and give it a softer silkier look. It is just not too cool having to brush such large amounts of this stuff through my hair when I need to look polished for work or an event. But what else can I do?


When I was much younger, I had VERY cool hair, it was silky,thick,strong and shiny looking, but was so straight that my first perm didn't even curl my hair!

After all of the processing and dying and bleaching etc. I am left with strange strands of dull looking hair!

The moral of this story is- Kids- don't mess with your hair! But if you do- MAKE IT LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS!

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