Monday, October 16, 2006

Last week I visited some new places full of fun supplies and interesting things! My new friend took me with her to get a hair cut, and while she was busy with that, I explored the street a little.

It is in an area that has SKY HIGH prices for apartments as they are trying to make it a REALLY HOT SPOT in NYC, I think the zip is 11101. There are so many artistic hang out spots and fun things to do and see in that area.
There are also OLD shops there, that are just as hip and fit right in with the booming real estate all around.
In Fact, one of the stores which I saw as we circled the block for parking, has a little toy children's easel standing outside the door which interested me enough to have a look.
The name of this place is, Just Things...(If you go, tell them the polymer clay girl, Amber sent you!) It has a junk shop/thrift shop feel to it. It has all kinds of things piled up to the ceiling. The merchandise and the quality varied, but most of the stuff, for me, in my opinion, was FUN.

On top of the counter, I found a large and lovely pin made up of musical note/brushed and oxidized metal stampings collaged together, on top of a metal stamping of sheet music for only $2.00.
Hidden under a table I found some unusual plastic pieces and metal stampings that I will be using for the CHARM SWAP which I am hosting. I spent in total less than $4.50 and I really did find GREAT BARGAINS! I was able to buy some items at below wholesale prices!
After that, we went to an interesting discount fabric store in a neighboring town, my new friend likes to shop there for fun stuff. They have some really fun and funky silks!
I found a roll of fine sheer silk with crazy WILD scribbles and doodles on it that looks like it was copied from someone's notebook cover! I would love to make stockings out of it.
Also of interest to me, they carry thicker black and white checkered SILK and I am thrilled with that! I am going to make several necklace pouches to hold wallets, Ipods, glasses, and celly tellys (cell phones)
On the counter, hidden below several bolts of fabric, and cards of beaded trim, I spotted some unique and interesting trim made of
~*FLAMINGO*~ feathers!
Well, they are
egg shell white, and I heard that they also sell black too, but they couldn't find any left so I will have to go back for some next month. It was only $2.50 a yard for that, and it would be FABULOUS on a lamp shade!
With the 1 yard of feather trim which I had purchased, I designed a dazzling wrist cuff so once I decide upon a proper and well functioning closure, I will post it to the blog.
I am definitely donating this to the fundraiser that I will be hosting.
The store had lots of ELEGANT and truly fun fabrics piled high, and although I could not afford to get every wonderful thing that I saw, I left the store feeling like I got a LOT for the small amount of money that I paid.

In other news-
I am also learning the correct way to crochet.
Since I was little, I have been crocheting little things here and there.
Yet I have always wanted to know how to make things like sweaters and follow other patterns to make art to wear, and table decor etc.

When I showed the woman who is teaching me to crochet, a flat panel I had done months ago, she looked at it with a puzzled look.
Turns out that, the way I have been crocheting for the last 24 years, is WRONG!
I have been crocheting using half of the stitch... In other words, when the hook goes through the chain to make a new row, I was continuing to only use half of the links on the chain. I never realized that I was supposed to go beneath each complete link of the chain to make the stitches.

I could never understand why my work did not match fancy patterns.

It is so relaxing to crochet!
It melts the stress away!

Thanks Regina!


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Ruth Rae said...

it sounds like you had a very fun day of shoping! I almost felt as if I were peeking in the cracks of the old shops with you!