Sunday, May 27, 2012

Miniature cake slices with fancy cream and sprinkles in progress- Charms to Wear.

 A small line up of a few of the slices of cake I made last week.
They are fresh out of the oven here and still works in progress!

Hand piped polymer clay frosting and hand cut flowers, hand rolled "sugar pearls" too.

Layers of cake and sweet cream!

 Hours and hours of work to get these flowers made!

Thank you for viewing my latest experimentation with polymer clay!

Wishing everyone a healthy and pleasant Memorial Day.

Thank you to the armed forces past and present who make it possible for me to sit peacefully in my studio and create these sweet little sculptures!
I am thankful for the freedom.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Miniature polymer clay cookie charms, dipped in chocolate with candy sprinkles.

100% polymer clay tinted with chalk pastels.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Charming Challenge using images from Rian Design! Would you like to join me?

You will see some new eye candy, coming soon- using the fun and colorful digital art from Rian Designs!

Shrink plastic with gold leaf.

If you have not yet been to Rian's site- take a look!!! Here is the link to her Shop<--

I will be giving away several charms made using the images as well as some miniature pop up books!

So what is the challenge? I am hoping that other charm making artists and designers will try using Rian's images to create charms & miniature art with! If you would like to participate, all you'd need to do is use any of her images to create your charms or minis, post them to your site or blog and then leave a comment with a link to view your work. If there are enough of us, perhaps we could also work out a charm swap or blog hop as well.

I chose a bunch of sheets from Rian's shop to work with and I've made mini books, shrink plastic tags, charms and 3D collages as well as some of the images mounted on metal and wood.

Here are just a few "test" pieces... I will post finished pieces through July.

Shrink plastic, more saturated color, test piece.

Paper experiments...

Book in progress...

Pop-up book layer experiment...

Shrink Plastic experiments... 

Color saturation tests...

 Miniature cut-out of Shrink Plastic.

MORE to come! This was just a preview of just some of what I have been working with!!!

Let me know if you too, start to create charms with her images! They are great to work with!