Thursday, January 25, 2007

Personal post!
Glasses.... Job....FUN

So last Friday, after realizing that my eyesight is not as sharp as it once was, I bought a pair of 2.75 reading glasses.

Now I can see ALL of the details, finger prints, dust, lint, etc. on my work!
(That is good! I can remove it!)

I have also been sleeping better too.
Less stress in my eyes, and haven't had a headache in almost a week!

I am VERY happy about this!

So... if you think your eyes get blurry, and you get frequent headaches.
Try a pair of glasses!!!!

Well, I tried my hand at a full time job,,, MAKING JEWELRY!

I met a local jewelry designer named Bonnie who has developed some very cool designs, and is a lot of fun to talk to. See her website here-
It looked like something that I could do,yet once I started, I felt that I was not fast enough at this time as I am so out of practice with handling small beads and wire.
(Add to the fact that I should have been wearing glasses!) It took me an hour to make something that "should" take 15 minutes to do, (at a production pace).

I found out that I was not ready for it anyway.
My schedule is already full, and if you have been reading my blog for months, then you know I don't live in a quiet area, so I get woken up OFTEN at night, and early in the morning. So morning work hours are NOT my thing.

The best part of the day when I left the job that I barely held (*laughing*),- I went to visit my husband in the city who was doing a job for MTV networks. (It's not all glamorous. It is not the Times Square location)... Anyway, after he was done with all of the measuring and floor plan stuff, we took a nice walk uptown towards Lincoln Center.
I haven't been there in so long.
It was a happy time, we laughed a lot and passed the place where we first met. It was so cold though, so we didn't linger.
We walked from 55th and 9th to 72nd street (by the 1 and 9 train). I was able to see my FAVORITE building in the city. It is SO ornate and OLD!

I learned that although I am getting older, and time is passing me... it is NOT unkind.
The best part, I can look back and see how far I have come through my life, and how strong I am.

Despite my circumstances, I have a fulfilling life, I am happy with who I am, and LIKE myself!
(I already love myself unconditionally)
I have VERY good friends, a supportive and caring family, and 2 parents who never demanded that I chose a specific career.

How lucky am I just for that?
I am, as my husband puts it,"free".
End of personal splash.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

____QUOTE ME!_____-

Everything happens for a reason!

Life is NOT set by happenstance of random equations!
-Amber Dawn

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    I have a moment to post these shrinky plastic charms!
    I made them Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

    It is too bad that the 3-D effect does not show up in the pictures!
    Each of the charms has more than one layer of ink, and it is a multi dimensional piece.
    My camera is so good, you can now see the flaws!

    Monday, January 15, 2007

    My love for art supplies... Goes very far. I was gifted *2* sets of SHARPIE markers on Friday, a total of 48 colorful and wonderful waterproof markers.
    I have been having SO MUCH FUN making shrink plastic art.
    And so, using them, I have made several tiny gifts for those who have sent me lovely gifts and hand made cards for the holidays.
    If you are reading this, the following names have a surprise flying out in the mail on Wednesday!

    Alma, Rose & Julian-
    Chris in the UK-
    Nancy Lynn-
    Ruth Rae-
    Carla and Chloe-
    Artsy Fran-
    and Debrynda.

    I will be making more to post for sale for Valentine's.
    They are FUN charms and little works of art!
    SO much fun!!! I promise to post images as soon as I have the chance to set up the camera and shoot some pics.

    I also had some time this weekend to unwind and fix a lamp. I LOVE MAKING AND FIXING LAMPS!!!!!
    It is something that gives me great JOY!
    I wonder if any of you make lamps too?
    I used to make little sculptural bases from wood that I cut on the scroll saw, and cut names out in Graffiti style, colored them with acrylic paints, and embellished them with Swarovski stones and hologram glitters.
    I forgot how much fun it was for me... I would like to get back into it again.
    I really miss wood working, and tinkering with electrical wires and sockets, switches and hardware.


    I have SO much to catch up on in life.
    So many projects on hold, so many things I want to do.

    So little freedom.

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Despite the wind and cold temp today, I encouraged myself to get out and take a long walk.

    At first it was not so much fun, the wind was whipping, I had to hold my hat with my hand, and hold my coat closed with the other.
    It was COLD!!!!

    However, I had a purpose and I had to keep going!
    The other day, we got a piece of open mail addressed to our home, but the persons whom it was addressed to do not live here... I do not even know who they are.
    Since the envelope was already open, I decided to check to see if there was any way to contact the person who sent the mail.
    Inside of this open envelope were two money orders for $700.00 total... what is worse, it was someone's rent payment from another state! They must own the property over there and live here.
    I tried my best to contact the person it was from, and the persons to whom it was addressed... but all of my phone calls lead to dead ends.
    In the end, I decided to just bring it to the post office and have them return to sender noting, that it was received open and undeliverable. I felt better after that.

    Well, while at the PO, I got two fun parcels, in the mail, that made my walk feel worth while.

    After the post office- I decided to go into a thrift store down the block.
    I found 2 long warm scarves,2 great thick and heavy text books, and a SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL STUDDED costume LOADED with seed BEADS and pretty square sequins and plastic beads and glass beads and chaton roses, rivolis. IT WAS A FIND! It was not expensive at all!
    The total of everything that I bought with tax was just over $20.00!
    On my way home, I was checking both ways before crossing the street... when I looked to my right, I noticed some very colorful garbage. I crossed over the street, to take a look. It was in front of a complex where upper middle class people dwell so I was not too shy to take a look! When I got closer I saw that it was just a bunch of empty doll boxes and toy wrappings... HOWEVER<--- Laying right on top of a pile of black bags was an antique ornate large wooden frame!!!
    I TOOK IT!
    What a treasure!!!
    After that, I found a quarter!
    It was a fun day in the cold after all!!!

    It is good to be nice and warm again!

    Monday, January 08, 2007

    I have a huge favor to ask!

    After looking through my catalog of vintage images, and clip art, I have discovered that I NEED more images!
    Do you have images that you would share with me so that I could create some art work with them?

    I joined in some 1 inch by 1 inch tile swaps, and a couple of charm swaps, and I really would like to have some new images to play around with.

    I do not want dreary images, I like playful and sweet, beautiful and lovely. No nudes please.

    I appreciate your generosity in advance!

    Today was nice!
    I got a chance to hang out with my family, and we had a really great time!

    This past week, I decided to share what movies I have been renting... and telling you what *I* think of them! I don't want to tell you about the story line too much...

    #1- "Steamboy" a Japanese Manga/Anime film. ****
    I think that it was rendered very well!
    VERY good detail. A fun ride. Not good for little children due to some strong violence and temper tantrums.
    Great for kids in NYC 11 and up, in other parts of the country, maybe 13 an up?

    #2- "Fida". An Indian Bollywood style film. ****
    It had everything. Love, romance, gangsters, fashion, money, karate, western undertones, dancing, it was like a watered down 007, Karate Kid, The Good The Bad and The UGLY and Untouchables!
    One of the characters looks Italian. Yet he is Indian. It is interesting to watch, but we fast forwarded through many of the dance and song routines!
    I say, if you can stand subtitles, and you think Ralph Machio aka the Karate Kid was HOT... You will like the lead character in this movie!
    **Deep Sigh**
    He was also the lead in another film made by the same production company, the other more teeny bopper film is called Ishq Vishq.

    #3- "The Big Bounce" OK, I would not recommend this film. *
    It is stupid and predictable. Lots of fun for guys and has some good guy type lessons in it. NOT a chick flick, unless you enjoy Owen Wilson a whole lot.
    It did have some very good scenes, I for one enjoyed watching the scenery! The SURF! And the houses!

    #4- "What a Girl Wants" ****
    Very cool for young girls, or girls growing up with their moms.
    I loved the film for it's cheesy romanticism. I also adored the architecture, the characters were well played, and I just think that Amanda Bynes is a Cutie Patootie!
    A good movie for all ages, and both genders.

    #5- "Howl's Moving Castle" - Japanese Anime ****
    WORTH THE RENTAL FEE! And I will buy it!
    If you have a problem with watching movies that have magic and talk of sorcery, this is not the movie for you.
    It is a fantastic journey for the inner child and has VERY GOOD animation scenes. I just loved the gentleness of it. I also loved the Millenary shop! The TRAIN, and many other FUN details!
    Good to rent if you have an open mind, and a good heart.

    #6- "Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants" SEE IT! It is GREAT! ****

    That's all the opinions that I have for the films that I have seen over the last 30 days!
    Remember think for your self, and do not rely on me to make your choices. I am just *1* person speaking my mind, and I know that my taste, does not represent everyone else's!!!
    *HOWEVER* I do have good taste!!! *smiles*

    Saturday, January 06, 2007

    Today marks a VERY special day for me. 1/06 is a great day in my history.
    So you would think that I would be *So* excited about the 72 degree weather we are having today. No! Not too excited---worried...and happy that it is not snowing!
    I am loving this not freezing my toes off temp., but my heart KNOWS it is wrong! It is a bit worrisome because I cannot stand the hot summer, and if our WINTER is SPRING- What will our summer be like??? Before Christmas we watched An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT!
    After seeing that- I feel this may be more like the empty shore, bare ocean floor, right before a Tsunami/Tidal wave hits! (I hope not that would be horrible)
    Rent the DVD, and watch the updates at the end of the film. SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE!
    WE ALL*******NEED****** to pay attention.

    I will remove this post in the days ahead, this is a temporary rant.
    Amber---- OFF to enjoy *MY* special day!

    Friday, January 05, 2007

    This is one of the fairy pouches I have made today.
    The colors didn't come out as lovely in the photo as they are in person.
    The rainbow thread, is mixed with a hologram monofilament and it sparkles like mad! I just love it!

    The back view is partially finished, I will be running the stitches all the way to the top, and cross them down vertically

    The beads pictured below are about 8-10 mm in size, the mini pouch is less than 1 and a half inches.

    So, to finish it- I will be adding silk ribbon flowers to the top flap and a strap to the bag also made of wool. The beaded trimming at the bottom, will be fringed.
    I think this may end up as a brooch!

    Back in October of '06, on the 16th, I wrote an entry, and wanted to share a picture that I just took of the raw supplies I bought that day-

    Black and white checker silk, H.S. notebook themed silk, and eggshell white *flamingo* feathers!

    I finally got to take a picture of it today!

    My old "to do list" is shrinking!


    I just finished a cute mini purse. I crocheted a rectangle, then felted it, in hot water, and sewed it up with variegated threads/rainbow and hologram for added interest and sparkle power!
    I am now trying to decide, if it should be a pin, a charm dangle, or a pendant!
    Choices choices choices!
    I will get back to blogging about it with some pictures in the next few hours!

    If you have not yet tried to felt wool...
    And you have had a slight interest in trying out...

    YOU *really* SHOULD!
    It is FUN!

    My hands are soft and silky from rolling the wool, and I am THRILLED with the beads and soft sculptures that I have been getting done. Leaves, berries, miniature fairy purses, bracelets, charms etc. FUN FUN FUN!!!
    I cannot wait to sell these!!!

    Not sure if I will bring them straight to a store, or peddle them on etsy.
    I will post photos of my progress soon.

    I hope that you are having a FUNTASTIC and HAPPY and HEALTHY & CREATIVE new year!!


    Amber Dawn

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007


    CLICK on the picture to get to the exchange group.

    Back in the summer of 2002, I was gifted hundreds of vintage skeins of tapestry, crewel, and embroidery wool.
    While cleaning out part of my old basement, I unearthed the treasure and let out a giddy squeal.
    YES! I have MANY colors and LOTS of it too!
    I can now PLAY with all of this yarn!

    When I got it all years ago, I planned on using it to sew.
    Long story short... I am FELTING and it is FUN!
    Since I just started doing this, I need a lot more practice, but I have made a few things so far!
    I took pictures of a few of the smaller pieces-
    Here is a peek, enjoy!