Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I woke up with the word echoing


I had some serious dreams last night...


OK, so why would my waking thought be a word that I had to actually look up in the dictionary because I didn't even know the meaning of it, yet had a clue based on the dreams that I had...

Well, why did I post this?

Because I have a feeling it may mean more to others rather than myself!
No no no just kidding...
I just had to document it, since it is such a powerful word... and a warning I guess, but for what? I do not yet know!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Paris Purse. A LUCIOUS piece of art to wear! Designed by, Me! We are in front of Bloomingdales in NYC USA.
Part of the holiday window display at Bloomies... AWESOME retro window set up at Bergdorfs (Bergies)

The animals here are actually GLASS TILE MOSAIC! Bergies...
A different view of the retro window.
FAERIES AT BENDEL'S I altered the color a bit so that you can see the details.
The entrance to Bergies...
I believe that this was Bendel's, but could be Bergies?
The SWAROVSKI tent in Rock' Plaza

Had a great weekend!
Part of it was spent hanging around with friends and family... but Saturday afternoon, we had LOTS *O* FUN!Went to Manhattan to hang out with a friend. There was a waterfall in the subway, a pipe must have burst some place.

We started out at Dylan's Candy bar to buy some gifts. Got a gift from the cashier while I was there too, THAT was unexpected and COOL! (No one else did, just me!)

Then we crossed over Lex to Bloomingdales.While we were on the ground floor we saw a VERY handsome Paul Johannson!EVEN BETTER LOOKING IN PERSON!!! WOW! (he plays Dan on One Tree Hill)He saw me smiling at him, and it made him take a second glance at us. He stood across from us watching us smile at him. He kept a straight face, but his eyes let out a hint of "Oh someone recognizes me, are they going to come over here?" We just smiled at him, and then I tried to look at the floor so he could get back to doing whatever it is that he was doing. No one else around us even noticed him. Maybe he was just happy to be recognized?
If you know him, ask him, then let us know...
Anyway,he then went on his way upstairs, smiling too!It was a fun moment!

After Bloomies, we walked through to FAO, down 5th ave. I wished that I could add a smell of that area to the blog. The distinct smell of HORSE and the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, along with the NYC pretzels.
We stopped in Bergdorf Goodman and I met a few designers and talked with some hoity toities (stuck up in the clouds rich and otherwise well off people who retain ATTITUDES!)There is something strange about snobby well to do hot shots.
It was a silly site to see some very oddly dressed woman trying on shoes that cost on average $560.00 There were some very lovely woman there as well, but the one I kept looking at the most was wearing some very off the wall outfit.
There were some COOL jeweled shoes there.I found a pair that I liked, with quilted cork platforms, but of course they do not even make my size, (I am guessing) and where would I wear them to anyway?!

We checked out the clearance rack where they had a "sale". I wouldn't call it a sale, but I guess that is what they want *shoppers* to believe! If a sale for a shoe is $480.00.... I could host an AMAZING party for that much money!

The jewelry was divine, although some of it looked like slime.
There was a Spaniard designer there that had a collection on display of organic designs. I fell for a STUNNING berry brooch with a berry dangle and large leaves!
I found one bracelet that was 'only' $47,000.00 (Forty Seven THOUSAND US dollars!)When I looked away, the sales lady started to rattle off the contents of the piece... It was TOO expensive for what it was! I turned to my friend as we walked away and I just said, we can get a hot car for that price...

At least their window displays are AWESOME!

I met some of the guys that do the windows when I was working at the art store. They "coveted" my jewelry. *Smiles* Well, that is what one of them said! They were very nice to me, trying to encourage me to "Go out there and claim your millions honey." Ah, such is the species of most young gay men with talent and attitude, yet they are fierce designers! *snap* *snap*

After a few more rounds around the store, and being bumped and shoved by eager tourists, we left Bergies and went over to Bendel's. It was so crowded, so we only peered in from the window.The window display was very odd and cool. It was a FLOCK of hundreds of altered peter pan looking dolls made to look like faeries. They are wrapped around tree branches? Or tied together to mimic tree branches?The pictures that I took did not come out well because the window was lit red.

Abercrombie and Fitch had 3 young guys standing in the entrance looking like mannequins.
Little girls and preteens were going ga ga and taking their chance at touching them and posing for pictures.

I popped into Lindt real quick to get some free truffles for some buddies.(Please, don't buy them for me, I do not eat them... yuck!)

The De Beers (Diamonds) building was bling bling blinging! Little strobe lights flashing at the base of strands of white light bundles.

It was LOVELY.

And I believe it was Fendi?, that had a gorgeous set of lights on the facade in the way of filigree belts with buckles.

Cartier was wrapped in the usual big red bow, with tumbling boxes on the facade.

We then passed a few more spots and walked through Rockefeller Plaza.
*WOW* the tree was all aglow and BRIGHT.

It was like a circus there. SERIOUSLY!

They had a slew of people dressed up in costumes taking photos with kids and stuff.We then went into Rock, toured the basement, watched the ice skaters through the window, then left the Rock, and took a break across the street... But first we ran into Maison Du Chocolate (spelling?) where you can get an assortment of fine chocolates for $60.00 a pound... I'd rather have art supplies at $60.00 a pound, thank you very much!

After a snack break, we headed back into the Rock- and took a train Downtown.
Spent the next few hours in Barnes and Noble and had a fun time chatting with a lady who is taking metalsmith classes at SVA.

I bought a cool book by, Tim McCreight and then we went back to the neighborhood.
I left out many great details about my day, but I figured that I would just give you the lowdown and the highlights!

Friday, December 08, 2006

GRAFF! For any ink/aero-spray lovers...

For anyone who ever doubted that I was for real...

Especially- for those that have been waiting to see...

Here are some pages from my black book, including my first attempt at a full page piece called "Jungle 1999"...
Please comment and tell me what you think. I am curious!
Well, I like MARKERS!
Prisma color Design markers are THE best!
I have not yet tried the Tria, so I cannot comment!

The sticker above, was designed on a wine box, with acrylic paint. I then scanned it, and made multiple stickers with it.

Prisma Markers on scrap pine wood.
My VERY first Attempt at Photoshop freehand with the mouse!

Yes, that is nice, but can she also draw?

Over the years I have been asked if I can draw, paint, participate in *fine arts*.
I have always preferred mixed media collage, assemblage, outsider art... etc.

I feel like a free spirit and never liked the intensity of being involved in the Fine Art community.

I knew I could draw and paint and sketch and do all the fun things that could get me into a good school, and get myself involved in some sort of artistic field.

Instead I rebelled and made CRAZY art.
Well, I suppose the word crazy is not really what I want to use to describe it really.
Art is comparative to taste, and taste is comparative to art.
Many different views and levels of depth that allow us to roam free and find our own liking and stylization.

Below are DOODLES, Sketches, and FUN. Click on the images to see the image a little more clearly.
I am only sharing work that I ENJOYED making.
Nothing "Fine", just fun and fancy free work on paper from my extra large black book. All of this work was done in the late 1990s
Ms. Hill
5 minute sketches. Each sketch was done until the timer ran out.
3 minute sketches- both of which took me 6 minutes to draw together.
This is Rudy D. Rabbit- I designed him during my "Arthur the aardvark phase" I have a sister who grew up on that show, and I ended up watching it quite a bit in the late 90s. See the carrot in his pocket?

I worked really hard on the details & the little beads.
I love making them!
This sketch took me about 3 days to accomplish.
I sat in the handball court at the park, and would study the guys there.
This is a conglomeration of a few young men, and one guy's bike.

Monday, December 04, 2006

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Sharing a moment of *AH HA!* with you.
Well, after watching Victor Victoria last night with a friend, I wanted to remember where I knew Alex Karras from... so I looked the movie up on the IMDB and found it. He played Webster's father in Webster.
Now, here is the AH HA!,
While I was on the cast list skimming through, I looked over in John Rhys-Davies list of films etc.
Here it is-
The Ah HA! moment coming right up.
This is the guy who played the DWARF in Lord of the Rings and I didn't figure it out!!!
You may wonder what the big deal is.
It is just that I am usually so good at placing voices, that although an actor may be wearing a costume, or putting on an accent or drawl, I can usually identify the actor.
THE SIZE of the dwarf tricked me.
If you are wondering who John Rhys-Davies is- think of Harrison Ford's Egyptian friend who grasps the date midair before it has a chance to end up in Indiana's mouth, (Raiders of the Lost Ark) after seeing the little monkey passed out on the floor.
Yes, I know, many of you probably knew this already... OK, that's cool.
It is not a contest... But I feel better knowing this info now!
Now I can tell all of my friends who didn't know and we can all be a wee bit smarter!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I found this "test" on a friends blog and thought of how true it sounded for him.

So I tried it,


THIS does sound a bit true!

Ask those who know me if it is!!!!

Your Personality Profile

You are pure, moral, and adaptable.

You tend to blend into your surroundings.

Shy on the outside, you're outspoken to your friends.

You believe that you live a virtuous life...

And you tend to judge others with a harsh eye.

As a result, people tend to crave your approval.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

How do ~*YOU*~ know ME?
As I sit here thinking about my blog... I wondered, "Who reads this?", "Do I know many of these people?", "How well do they really know me?"...
So, I wondered if maybe I posted a few questions, you, my blog readers would respond in the comments section?
I guess I will ask this again in December because in one day, this blog post will be an archive of November....


Do I know you?

How do I know you?

Where did you first meet me?
How did you hear about me?

How long have we known each other?

Do you own any of my art work?

Have you heard of me before reading my blog?

What can you tell me about *me* from *your* perspective?

Sometimes we see ourselves more clearly through the eyes of others.
I am really interested in your thoughts and opinions. I feel like this is a fun experiment!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My NYC Fabric Pal, Alma Stoller sent me a FABULOUS gift in the mail and it just arrived!

Books, THE PROPHET by, Kahlil Gibran... Alma, I noticed this book in B&N when we got together uptown! Never read it! Alma also sent a copy of Rice Freeman-Zachery's NEW TECHNIQUES for WEARABLE ART... Looks fun! A lot like what I do to my clothes! Magazines, A BeadWork issue from November of last year. (Alma, I LOVE IT!) A copy of Cloth Paper Scissors from this summer. A couple of issues of Piecework magazine and HER ISSUE THE FABRIC ART ZINE #4!!! THANK YOU ALMA!!! IT ALL LOOKS GREAT!!!!!

I wished and I was granted...

DREAM wishlist for gifts, trades and barters.

Friends and Family, and those that requested what I want/need- Here you go!

Colorful Wool (It was given to me! I just updated May 2008)
Russian Punch Needles and patterns
Bead Creator Pro program...
Adobe Photo Shop version 7.0 or higher (It was given to me THANK YOU HEATHER CS2!!!!)
Fancy wool yarns (It was given to me!))
Plain muslin, so I can paint my own fabrics.
A serger (It was given to me THANK YOU CARLOTTA!!!!! I just updated May 2008)
A sewing machine!!!! (I got one!!! I just updated May 2008)
An embroidery machine!!!!! I KNOW I am dreaming!!! Hey, a girl can WISH!
Dichroic glass
A torch/tool set for flame working beads (I got one and started making beads!)
Glass rods for flame work (I got some!!!)
PMC for making my own silver clay jewelry... I have a kiln! (I got some!!!)
A tap and die set
TINY rivets, less than 1/8 in size
ART BOOKS! (I got a bunch! Thank you Carlotta, Regina, Cisco and everyone else)
A roll of copper tape. (I got it!)
Swarovski crystal beads and rhinestones in every color shape and size!
STURDY needle nose jewelry making pliers (I got them!!! A WHOLE SET! Thank you Carlotta!!!)
Jewelry made by Heather Ramsay, Parvenue, John Wind, Maximal Art, Wendy Gell, MICHAL NEGRIN, Ayala Barr
Flame worked beads
Silver chain to make charm bracelets with.
Fresh water pearls in a variety of sizes shapes and colors. (Thank you Mija!)
Druzy Drusy Drusies!!!!! (THANK YOU CISCO!!!)
Bone and stone carved face jewelry
Ribbon embroidery silk
Embroidery threads ALL COLORS! (THANKS MOM!!!)
Gift certificates to your favorite online sellers.
The gel mediums that people use for transfers.
Somerset Studio
Belle Armoire
Polymer Clay Cafe (THANK YOU REGINA!!!)
Bead Work
Cloth Paper Scissors
Home Companion (THANK YOU CARLOTTA!!!)
Beautiful ribbons and trims
Jolee's stickers
I am sure that whatever you decide upon, whether it is on my list or not, I will love it!

I can also trade for the above items that I have not yet gotten!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It was a GLORIOUS day yesterday as I sat down to solder, I was inspired to create this-
Look at my NEW CHARM!
This was my first attempt.
I am so excited!

I had FUN! yesterday.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A paper collage that I did for a calendar for Eccentric Pastiche. 8 1/2" x 11"

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

~*A SNEAK PEEK INTO MY CHARM PRODUCTION!*~ Click on the images for a much closer view! Below are 4 pictures of some of the charms that I am making for 3 charm exchanges. I am keeping it a secret as to who's group gets which charms.
These are the simpler ones that I am making.
I have a few that are complicated and very detailed.
Since I have been making these charms, I have been MUCH happier.
I really miss using my hands to create tiny works of art.
It has been TOO long!

Shown here- Metal Alphabet tags to the left, stamped with ink, painted with acrylics, and sealed with gloss. Believe in miracles, is a two part shrink plastic charm. The clown ladies are hand painted shrink plastic charms embellished with a rhinestone nose. Above are fancy linoleum tile charms that have just been cut and drilled. I will be sanding them down, and adding embellishments. In the center is a mini vile ready to be finished with a new topper that I invented just for this piece.

These are snaps that are riveted, and I added a copper link component and a brass jumpring.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

' went to the park today, to shoot some hoops.
The weather was damp and cold, and the wind was blowing through the trees in such a way that made the leaves flap, but not enough to make the branches sway.

It was enjoyable, for me, to watch the commercial traffic race by on the expressway outside of the park.

I love watching large commercial vehicles such as cranes, cargo trucks, and construction vehicles as they whiz and race by flashing their amber lights.

When I got tired of bouncing, passing and tossing the ball, I sat on a swing and watched the boys play.
While I was looking around, it felt as if I shed my adult mentality. Sitting on the swing, I ripped open a pack of candy pieces that I had in my coat pocket.
Consuming one at a time, I savored each piece and felt so calm and relaxed. Nothing was stressing me out, or worrying me or making me lose my calm.
I felt my breath was even, and I was happy.

It has been a long time since I have really enjoyed candy. I let each piece last as long as I could, before it melted away. The temperature, the sights, the sounds, the vibe, it all filled me with a good feeling. The candy was an added sweetness.

Living in NYC I have developed a bad habit of rushing meals...
Rushing through everything.
This city goes fast, and we who are in it tend to rush more than often.

It has been a long time since I have lingered on a swing, savoring a single piece of candy, feeling content and free.

Content and free...

I am not an emotional eater.
Yet I did realize that I have not allowed myself to enjoy things as much as I used to.

It was good for me to just be, to exist, to swing, to feel the wind blow.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I am playing with shrink plastic right now.
I am making some sweet charms for the swap that Dawn Sellers is hosting.

Yesterday mom drove me to a local Historical Society that posted furniture for FREE on Craigs list.
I got a wire sales rack, that holds 12x12 sheets of paper, the type you see in a paper store, it is a few feet high.

I got a VERY cool folding art work and materials display with built on brackets so you can attach shelves, if you want to display 3-D objects it is 7 feet high and has 4 panels. I got a cool semi circular wire rack for displaying stuff.
I found a really nice wooden box with dove tailed joints, that has 4 drawers.
You have probably seen this type of a piece in an old library holding index cards.

I got a bolt of sail cloth, and a smaller magnetic display folding board for creating a nice presentation display.

Mom got some other stuff too.
It was FUN!


Friday, November 10, 2006

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