Friday, October 27, 2006


It is 4:04 am.... and I am so sleepy, but it is chilly here and the landlords are stomping around and blasting the TV upstairs and they keep knocking things around and dropping stuff on the floor. The walls and floor are so thin, that I can hear their conversations without having to put my ear on the wall.....! *frown*
Also, I live on the flight approach to runway #4, I believe, to La Guardia Airport and the planes fly very low, since I live close to the airport and directly over our house. Unless you have experienced it, I don't think that you could imagine the high pitch of that, and how the house vibrates sometimes!
There is an expressway exit into the main boulevard right behind our house, in what most people call a backyard, AND right past that, is a RAILROAD.... the HEAVY FREIGHT trains that blow the LOUD horns (usually no horn blowing until the sun is up though).... The government built a noise reduction wall, between part of the expressway and the railway, but it does NOTHING!

That should help you understand why I am always up at these odd hours!

I decided to go on a diet of sorts-
3 solid days, No T. V., no Radio, and I feel BETTER!
I even lost 6 pounds! Well, in 2 weeks...

I was feeling slightly disconnected with things because I took on so many new tasks this month.
I am already committed to completing 150 mini zine-lettes for my bud Christi Miller's 'zine, "Material". I HAVE made the mini 'zine-lettes already, but I cannot decide on a cover design! The covers are plain black at the moment...

There is also the calendar cover for Anne, the HUGE charm swap I am hosting, needing to list sales for the fundraiser, getting the covers embellished for Beau Ideal #3.5.
CLEANING the entire house, and maintaining my sanity as I brainstorm about what to make as holiday gifts this year! AND MDH has a 2 week vacation that starts in two weeks.... I am so busy that I cannot even go anywhere for a break.

Gillian is also waiting on me to make a collection of work to demonstrate my grunge/gothic/street side of my art persona.
I think people must wonder if I only make "pretty things"... the answer is Uhhhh, NO!
My expression(s) of artistic work, can be quite frightening to some people.
I dislike advertising my darker creative side, since it ties into my tumultuous past (oooh mysterious!)

However, Gillian hosts one of the best online web spaces I have ever ventured through. SO for her, I will get cracking and demonstrate some of my old school techniques and perhaps break out some spray cans and hook up some wild style graffiti for her too!
YES I am a GRAF artist too!
*I have a black book collection!*
I am after all, a NYC girl.
But seriously, I can create dark and deep emotional art that may feel painful to look at for some people.
When I was displayed in gallery shows and events, most of the work that was chosen was bright and ODD... the pretty work won the awards and the dark stuff got a lot of attention, yet I often heard people say that I was freaking them out!
I no longer enjoy the idea of freaking people out, thus the reason why you know me for my colorful and somewhat cheerful work.

In November I hope to stretch some canvas over a few little frames and see what I can paint.
Kate Gallegos sent me a set of Windsor Newton Acrylic paints for my birthday this year, and I will open the cellophane wrapper as soon as I know what I would like to paint.

Would you be interested in seeing some of my ODD and darker work?
4:20 and I think I can sleep now....
I just have to say, that I saw someone today whom I met a few years ago, and although we were only able to say a quick hello... It made my day!
Good people can be FUN to see!!!!


Adding a post that I clipped from Oct. 31st to put here-

This is one of my favorite lampwork inspiration bead sites. Even though the stuff that is shown is not all lampwork, but rather painted porcelain.
I cannot wait to get started.
One of these days I will be able to afford a set of glass rods, and a nice torch.
I bought a Jen Ken kiln with a bead door and I am patiently saving up enough money to purchase a nice kit to have all of the tools that I will need to get started.
I have always been good around fire.
A good cook, a good candle maker/burner, and a great fire starter.
My worry is the tank system needed to run the torches.
That scares me a little bit because of it's combustible contents under pressure.

On another one of these days I will find someone local who will be willing to teach me flame working for free or trade.

I LOVE these little cuties!
The little Halloween jester trick or treater, the checkered trick or treater girls with masks, and the Jack in the Box Jack o' Lantern.
They are very unusual and freaky cute.... kinda like me!


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A.S.K.-P. said...

OF COURSE I would like to see your other work A-D! You KNOW I can relate to this so I would LOVE to see it.

Girl, how in the owrld do you live like that?! All that noise & all. Jas & I lived in a duplex a couple of years ago and just the noise from those IDIOTS next door about drove us nuts let alone it being YOUR LANDLORDS making all of that noise AND the airplanes on top of that. I know I couldn't do it!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share your paintings after you do them. PLEASE! I can't wait to see what you create.

Have fun.