Sunday, January 27, 2008

~*Thanks to my Fairy Godmother CARLOTTA*~---

Thanks to the very special and ever generous Carlotta, I will be able to SERGE my way to sewing bliss!
and ALWAYS caring friend.
*Feeling happy*

Monday, January 21, 2008

~*Black and White Charm Swap- Sign up!*~

I am hosting another black and white charm swap.

It is a private swap that I will host and is only open to the first 26 artists and designers that sign up who are willing to create good/excellent quality work.

It is a juried swap and will be due the end of April.
25 for 25 pieces.
No color - only black, white, gray tones, silver and blackened metals are welcome.
No brass, no copper and no gold tones.
Each charm must be presented in an artistic or creative way.
(Creative packaging is what I mean) Even that will be black and white as well.

If you are interested in signing up, let me know and then send a picture or sample of what you would like to submit. Not all of the charms need to be identical, but I will need to see a sample of each style that you wish to submit.
Remember that it will be for 25 pieces.

No E6000 glue or other stinky glues can be used unless you have ample time to air them out.
No toxic materials. These pieces will be worn against the skin and should be safe.
Work must be clean and free of pet hair.
No cigarette or smoke smells.
Work must be water resistant and sturdy/wearable.
Only sign up if you feel sure that you can follow through.


Sunday Service for the first time in a decade.

It's been just about 10 years or so since I woke up before dawn and heard a calling to go to a Sunday service.
I had left my congregation and did not attend another for over a decade.

It really has been that long.

The feeling was good.

Despite the bitter cold- I walked while the freezing wind bit at my face.

But my heart was warm and full of excitement and wonder.
I did not know what was in store- I just knew I was to go.

It was a new destination- I have never been to the place I was heading towards.

The experience was quite interesting.

I did see several faces that I recognize from market shopping, the streets, the parks etc. But no one that I knew personally.

I was welcomed warmly when I arrived and many greeted me afterwards and several invited me to join them for a potluck.

I just smiled and said thank you. I didn't feel like saying yes or no.
(But I was not going to eat, I knew that right away)

The bulletin asked for volunteers to help with a menial task, and I knew it would be something I could do. So my goal after the service was to find someone in charge to let know that I was willing to help before I left.

While some very kind and interesting people were helping me find the person in charge of the task, I was greeted by someone very surprised to see me.

Although I had no feeling of shock, surprise, or anything palpable- I just stood there and said hello. Probably with a slight smile on my face.

I was just calm.
My heart was beating at a normal pace.
My legs were planted firm and I felt tall.

This is a person who 10 years ago in another town far away, caused me a huge devastating heartache by doing something horrific.

I left that place where this person who stood before me had been attending- I lived for years with such anguish...Deep grief and intense anger and disgust. Never setting foot among another congregation with an intent to share a service.

How ironic to be called (in spirit) for the first time in so long- to a place where this person who did so much damage to my own spirit would be attending.

I do want to share that I feel peace.
I feel strong.
And I do know that I have completely forgiven this person.

I am not sure why I am posting this to my blog.
I certainly would not share these words out loud with my voice, but my fingers are typing away, and I feel that I just need to share this.

What makes me feel good- Being called. When it happens- That is the BEST invitation ever. Following through on the invitation is priceless.

Thank you to whomever it was that sent just the right prayer for me to be lifted, and encouraged.
To be freed from past hurts and wrongs.
I really appreciate it. It was a new prayer.

Now I sit here wondering how do I publish this post.
It feels so personal, so private.

I just will-

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beau Ideal #3.5

--Rather than link it- I just copied the post from May.
What do you think about the layouts?
I am interested in hearing feedback!

Monday, January 14, 2008

In an effort to be much more productive-

I have decided not to fix the phone jack on my portable, and just use the Internet when I am too tired to create stuff.

The plan is *really* working well!

In just the past week, I have done a months worth of work and zine making!

Because I am no longer entranced by the bright and colorful computer screen which offers me OH SO MUCH eye candy, I have been working on SO many projects all at once!
I hope that 2008 proves to be a FUN and fruitful year!


Something that I exchanged a holiday gift for...

I LOVE her!

Although she has glue gun glue showing in several places, I just love the fairy!

I acquired her and another fairy that I will post at another time by exchanging an overpriced piece of jewelry that I got for the holidays.

I wish that people would take more care in hiding glue when making their work.

Still, she is fun to look at. When I can, I will use an OTT light rather than the soft light which looks too reddish and take another snap of her.

The ATCs in the background are made by Heather Kayser and Lucy Lee.

Rusty Bezels up for trade!

I wanted to share these cool things that I dig up from a factory field...
I have rusty and not so rusty silver toned pieces that can be used to create tiny frames or even fill with images, text, objects & resin.

They are found objects and should be well cleaned before use.
I will not clean them prior to shipping as the charm that some of them have is that they are dirty and "found".
If you are interested in a trade, GREAT! I am in search of the following.
Flat back glass and crystal rhinestones.
Images like that of Art Chix ---or other vintage and colorful color copies with interesting images.
Rubber Stamps- make me an offer.
Silver and blue German glass glitter.
Diamond glaze.
Semi precious beads, fresh water pearls, crystal beads, fancy and colorful art beads too.

If you have other items to trade, let me know what you have. I just might be interested!
Thanks I am on the East Coast in NYC USA
Amber Dawn

My first letter felting and needle felted flower bead in the works.

A felted bead for ~*Alma*~

~*Kelly*~- This is what I was talking about... I will paint them!


Regina made the shrink plastic charms.

I wanted to be sure and upload some eye candy!


I will add words to this another time.


A bit of ~*FUN*~ for Jan B... But better in person!


When you get this, you will see that it looks SO much better in person!

I changed the 3 AB teardrops at the center bottom for a teeny vial filled with yummy beauty!

I didn't get to take a picture of it before I mailed it, so I am posting as it was prior to my last minute editing!

I hope you love it and the other fun goodies as well!

Thank you for your participation in almost every swap that I have hosted for the last few years!

~*Fun & Sophistication*~

Vintage and modern components.
Agate, a fresh water pearl, 14k gold filled wire, crystal rhinestones, various plated and patina kissed metals are assembled together for a fresh and playful piece.
~*Jan M. this is flying over to the West coast for you as we speak!*~ ---Among other goodies as well!

~*My very 1st etched and hammered copper pendant For Carlotta*~

~*Carlotta, this is already in the mail as of last week! (Yeah I mailed it right after you called me!)*~
This is my very first etched copper piece.
Thanks to Margie Fenney for the push to try it!

~*For Nancy!*~ With lots of Love!

Nancy is a really special person who has been a good friend in my family's life!

This is a bracelet that I had worked on for a while. Making a charm here and there.
The name tag is made of etched copper.

I hope it gets to you in the mail today Nancy!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

And the WINNER IS- Jessica Neaves

And as an added bonus, I have decided to send a little gift to everyone else as well.
Jessica Neaves, congrats! I have your mailing address and will ship out later next week!


Amber Dawn

Friday, January 04, 2008

Shake it baby!!!

Oh my! Aaron Behrens!
Ghostland Observatory was on PBS on Austin City Limits.

It's not his looks- It was his stage presence... Yeah well, I think that he is cute too...
The music was funky, fun and free, but what really got me into the curious sounds and stylings of this musical duo- Aaron dancing!
It was just so much fun to watch this guy all amped and jiggity.
Tell me that watching him does not make you feel like moving too?
He moves like Bowie, Mercury, Jagger, INXS, Prince and Run DMC...
I am sitting here listening to the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland soundtrack. The sound quality is SUPERB! The CD is also ripped with the soundtrack to Petulia. I have not seen it though.

Right now I am catching up on some overdue gifts. I am constructing several sets to wear and have begun to PAINT again!
Back to wire wrapping----
By the way---- I assembled *22* Beau Ideal #3.5 issues!