Saturday, March 31, 2007


Judy Nuebert, Denice O'Heron, Cris Peacock, Tammie Moore!

Jan Meyers, Heather Bluhm, Tina Holden, Kathi Parker!

Clarissa Sharp!

Kate Webster, Sharie Meyers!

Lori Anderson composed this ADORABLE lampwork and bali silver bead dangle!

Sharie Meyers designed the cool polymer clay framed sketches!

Caren Cohen made the purple beaded ball, and Ann Marie Hodrick made the Swarovski crystal with pansy enamel dangle.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I took a few minutes out of my day to make something for *myself*

I used charms from the Charms2007swap from January.
The charms are made by-Listed from left to right, starting with the SUN-Tina Holden, Carolyn Young, Gillian Allen, Tracy Webster, Denice O'Heron, Jan Bartlett, Judy Nuebert, Sharon Birzvilkis, Gina Louthian-Stanley, Kate Webster & Margie Fenney

This is a bib style necklace.

Mind you, I do NOT preplan my work.
I just start fiddling with the components, an' whatever happens - happens.
I was actually cleaning my art room when I found the mini scrabble pieces and knew they would look cute on the copper chain.
What do you think?
It took me less than 1 hour to do.
AND it hangs nicely on the neck.

Kelly Snelling! - if you are reading this- I do not have dainty fingers!
I just got used to working with what I have and found a way to get what I wanted/needed done.
That is a key to a HAPPY life!


Tina Holden, Carolyn Young
Gillian Allen, Tracy Webster, Denice O'Heron

Jan Bartlett, Judy Nuebert, Sharon Birzvilkis
Gina Louthian-Stanley, Kate Webster & Margie Fenney

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A lot of people think that the items on the dime below, are the secret charm... They are the INSERTS to the secret charm!!!
The secret charm is a TEENY magazine!!! Full of other goodies too!
Just wanted to share that!
ALSO- you can leave me as many comments on my entire blog as you want! BUT I will only add your name to the drawing once a day.

I got an AWESOME bunch of gifts today from some of my friends!!!

Lori sent me a set of 4 darling and delicious lampworked (Handmade glass beads made by using a blow torch) bead charms accented by Bali sterling, and Swarovski crystals... I LOVE the way they feel! She makes and composes such *BEAUTIFUL* work!

Thank you Lori!!!

A person who I adore, sent me *3* Comic style books, "for review and to keep".
"Pride of Baghdad" by Brian K. Vaughan- Art by, Niko Henrichon.
This is a lovely book published by Vertigo. (mmm yummy!) The story line and graphics are a bit on the edge, but it has a warmth and glow to it as well.
The ending is a bit chilling, and left me with a heavy heart,,, but hey, all in all, I LOVE the colors and the graphics!
It is a war/military/animal theme, and involves talking animals.
It's not for little kids at all.

"The Best American Series" The Best American Comics 2006 by, Harvey Pekar and Anne Elizabeth Moore.
Published by, Houghton Mifflin Co.
I love the variety in this book.
I read just one of the comics, but will need to look at the book some more before actually saying anything "deep" about it.
I can say that I LOVE the variety it offers!

*An ADVANCE* copy of "Re-Gifters" by, Mike Carey, Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel.
I love this... I am not allowed to write any solid opinions on it as this is the advance copy, and so all I can tell you about is my opinion of some of the art work.
This is more my speed, kind of like Korean comics.
I opened up to a page that has an image of a girl in her room and on the wall is the artists interpretation of Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Lord of the Rings.

Coming in May 2007 there will be a comic called "The Plain Janes"
Looks like fun.
July 2007 "Clubbing" gothy and cool!
"Good As Lily" Looks interesting....

OH! I also got 90+ wooden scrabble tiles from Donna B.
Thank you DONNA!!!
I will be making some FUN and off the wall bits of art to wear with these!!!

Are you a Vin Diesel fan?
Well, I am not so much a fan of him as I am of his character Riddick. And xXx.
I am patiently waiting for CR2 to come out.
I am such a sci fi geek.
I have seen the Chronicles maybe 3 times this year...That includes Pitch Black and the cartoon one.
There is something cool about the way his movies make me feel that works well in my art. Must be the NYC in his voice! *laughing*
I also watched xXx but I cannot stand the cheesy over the top stuff.

Joss Stone made a music video at one of my FAVORITE hang out spots.
If you have seen her latest video, with a LOT of Graf in it, then you know what I am talking about!

It is such a GREAT place to be.
If I had a need for a studio space, I would hook myself up with one in that building.
They are not expensive at all.

The ENTIRE facade of the former factory building is engulfed in aerosol spray!
Next month I will take some pictures of it when it is sunny out.
It is a hop skip and a jump away from the P.S. 1 art museum in L.I.C. NY
The architecture on that building is also worth a look too.

Well, back to the other topic, sci fi-
I am eagerly waiting for "them" to make a few movies.
I KNOW they can pull in a ton of money so they should go for it-
HYPERION. If they film it right, this would definitely be a great series on film.
I strongly suggest though, that they do NOT drag out all of the political mumbo jumbo, and focus on the ACTION!

I think that Ender's Game would also make a great film, if they didn't get too far into the future. Maybe just make a film of the first book.

Tammie Moore sent me some goodies,,, I am sitting here admiring them.
She sent me vintage items, metals, pressed glass buttons with a bit of gold foil, a resin heart with a bird image, a bunch of colorful birds that will make FUN charms, assorted plastic goodies, some lampwork, and some silver pearl beads. THANK YOU TAMMIE!!

I have been enjoying the comments that people have been leaving for me, on the post "If we have never met in person----" from March 20th.
It is fun to imagine!!

I am jumping from topic to topic,I am sitting here having had only 3 and a half hours of sleep, and I think I better try and get some more!
Nice talking to you!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Small things thrill me! I love to make miniatures!
OK, so here is an example of something tiny I worked on while embellishing issue #3.5 of my art magaZine Beau Ideal. These are tiny replicas of 2 of the inserts in my 'zine.
The mini book, is a mini version of an already mini zine. I call them zinelettes. Well this is a micro version.
The mini purse is also a micro version. Do you know how SMALL these are???
Look at the following picture of them ON A DIME! YES! A DIME!!!!

*I am so thrilled!* I used my big fingers, and was able to do this and many other goodies by hand!
They fit inside the mini charm version of my zine. The mini zine is 1 and a half by 15/16ths of an inch!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Would you like to enter to win a bit of AMBER DAWN ART?

I would like to offer a *little* bit of handmade art to wear.
Nothing too fancy, just a little something that I made last week.
A little mixed media charm.
It will be kept a secret until someone wins it.

All you have to do, is leave me a comment, anything you want to say. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOUR NAME PLEASE!

I will draw a winner on April first.

Enter as many times as you wish, up to one comment a day.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If we have never met in person----
Keep it clean!

This question is for anyone who wants to give an answer.
Don't be shy!

If you could hang out with me for a day, what would you ask me to do?

I am SO interested in your answers!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

No,,, I don't want your 70??? day old batter

There is a CRAZY myth bread going around that is TOO scary for me!

It is a chain letter type thing, that actually involves cooking.
Hemin bread, is what this stuff is, is more like a science experiment if you ask me!!!
The roots of the bread were said to be from the Vatican, but from what I have learned it is an Amish custom that someone thought would be fun to convert to another religion!
(what's new in the world?)
My landlord was at my door holding a slice of Padre Pio bread....She believed it would bring our house "luck"
She wouldn't leave until I tasted it... I did not swallow it though!~!!
*ugh* I couldn't swallow it, the "bread" that is.
So here I am after washing my mouth out with *salt*


Everyone, passes their starter on, and it this can be over 200 or more days old, eggs, milk, and sugar!!!!!!!!
*(does centers for disease control know about this? How about the food and drug administration?)*

Well, the dough itself, is passed on to someone else, and then they use it to grow MORE of the moldy bread.


Please if you are the victim of this, just throw the stuff out.
IT IS NOT HEALTHY and if you are really a believer in spiritual matters then eating old moldy bread batter is NOT going to bring you good luck.
It is fermented gross batter.... THROW IT AWAY!

Say a prayer for yourself instead!

Monday, March 12, 2007

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took the day I met Alma Stoller in Manhattan last summer.
These houses are off of Park Ave. by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I cannot even imagine what they would look like in the interior, but could you imagine having ALL OF THAT SPACE??? I would love to see what is inside! These just look so OLD and BIG! Any idea how old these are? Late 170os? Mid 1800s? The cost of living there is too much for me to even imagine myself trying for!
In that area, must be at least 3 BIG bills. (Millions)

OK, end of blog!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

5x 5 7 5
Each line is 5 syllables or 7 of them... so it is a line of 5 then 7 then 5 again.
It was just a way for me to catch a rhythm of words and making sense at the same time
My name is Amber
I went to school in New York
I grew up too fast

Writing a good song
Takes lots of time and practice
Enjoy the process!

Breathing in the air
Taking in the Oxygen
Enjoying my life

Basically done
This form of writing is good
I'm having some fun

After all!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Me in 2005 taking a picture to use as a model for a sketch.

That Bailey Fedora that I am wearing is SO nice in person.
It is not mine though... But the tie is. *Smiles* The tie is a VERY pretty pink, magenta and black tie that I bought to sew on a jean skirt... I have it hanging in my room.... I MUST sew it on already!!! The T-Shirt that I am wearing, is one of my favorite Ecko T's... An artist just trying to keep his head above the water. It has a good dose of reflective glass beads all over it. It lights up when a car's headlight shines on it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I will be bashing a form of poetry.
No poets were hurt during the writing of this blog.

Well, maybe just the little poet inside of me, as I forced her to face HAIKU!

The truth is, the following is NOT true Haiku, although the rhythm is the same.

Pick up the phone now
Because I am calling you
So you can talk too

I really don't know why it is. But since I was in the 3rd or 5th grade, one of those years, I was forced to write too many haiku poems.

I STRONGLY dislike it!

Do you have a favorite Haiku that may change my mind?

Recently I was invited to join a Haiku book swap.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An awesome array of wool from Glenda Bailey, so I can learn how to needle felt. She also sent me a needle, and some other yummy looking supplies! I will keep you updated on what I make!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My fun inch art returns from Angie!

A gift from Ronda, that she sent with her AWESOME shrink plastic charms!

I LOVE this piece! THANK YOU Ronda!~

Monday, March 05, 2007

I just got a parcel that the mail man brought, it is a bunch of fabric charms, and a set of mini charm books made by Jan B.
Also, earlier today, I went to the PO to pick up swaps and gifts!
Ninfa sent me resin art and some ephemera, game pieces and images. Thanks NINFA!
Glenda Bailey sent me a WONDERFUL box full of colorful Merino wool, a felting needle, a card of fancy fibers and some wool felt so that I can learn how to needle felt. She also sent a package full of the images that she uses in her GORGEOUS felted pieces.
THANK YOU GLENDA! I will post pictures of whatever I make!

Last but not least, Angie Hall H. sent me 25 mini collages from the inch swap.
I got two that I REALLY wanted and I am THRILLED!
As soon as the battery to my camera is done charging, I will post some pictures.

It was just snowing like a blizzard, and now the sky is blue and the sun bright.
It has been doing that for over 2 hours now. On and off.
VERY unusual and fun weather!

Just finished gluing on 22 labels to parcels I have to ship @ 2:30 pm today.
While I did that-
Was watching Queer Eye for the straight guy, and saw they were making over someone I knew in H.S.


Philip Rojas, was being featured and it was *SO* much fun for me to see him.

He went to the same college as my husband, and in HS they looked like they could have been brothers.
The last time I saw him was at Lincoln Center at their College Graduation. (1997?)

I love his hot car! WOW!
I didn't see it really well though I was too distracted with what I was doing!
A Mustang?
This was the episode with the guy from Brooklyn and he had a knee injury,,, I didn't see the show from the start, so I do not even know what happened to him.) :o(

Anyway, Phil aka PR PR (YinYangStyle )if you happen upon this post... just know I think you look great, and you are still as sweet as ever.

Hey! I too am on TV, although I don't have cable so I cannot even see myself on it.

So, I gotta go. I don't even have this time to spare!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Catching up with friends and family.

OK to say that I have been busy is an understatement!
I am here now blogging about thoughts and recent events, and posting a BEAUTIFUL planter designed by the AMAZING and wonderfully talented Sonji Hunt.
I have just finished wrapping-1080 charms in the last 4 days! I am SO in need of some NON art related fun!
It would be so wonderful to have a bouquet of fresh and colorful flowers to stick my face into right about now
While out this week, I visited a LOVELY florist who had some very unusual and wonderfully colored florals.
WOW. I MISS blooming flowers!!!!

It is a stone gray day outside of my window and I have a pounding headache.

Just a few more weeks until the blooming begins, I have to hang in there!!!
Then, mid April will be here and there will be a riot of color outside and I REALLY look forward to it!!!

Hope you are all having fun, or staying safe.
I have been trying my best to pace myself with the charm swap, zine, and other chores etc.
Email me, I have a few hours to catch up if you want to chat!
Or leave me a comment, if I know you, I probably miss you!
Hi Amy, Patti, Regina, Fran, Nikki, Alma, Sonji, Sammy, Debi, Ruth, Carla, Melanie, Lisa, Glenda, Linda, Carlotta, Elsie, Ethel, Margie, Michelle, Erica, Nancy, Kate, Kathy, Cathi, Suze, John, Gabriel, Susan, Gina, Grace, Peg, Pat, & *you too*!


This is actually a bracelet, but is being modeled as a necklace.
It was designed by me as a *thank you* to a very special patron of mine.
Dr. Susanne Wichert

My cute carpenter & best friend... he is the one making me that AWESOME shelf and drawer unit~! (see older posts)
What a sweet guy, he bought me sparkle sponges at the market for *fun* so I can do the dishes in style!


OK, this is just a theory that I want to share with anyone who watches Heroes...

So my theory is this...
Hiro N., at some time visited the "mute" Haitian and told him to keep a watch over Claire. After all, she DID prove useful in saving the world from blowing up this time right?

What do you think?
I kind of got the impression, that he (Hiro, or his sister) who must run the company in the future are tied into the reason why Claire was needed to be saved from the crazy nut Syler. AND anyone else.

Probably some future seer other than the painter, is able to predict, or see what needs to be done and thus able to detect and manipulate the other "Heroes"...

Again just a theory,
Fun to imagine....

I am so lucky to know Sonji Hunt!
She is one of my favorite self published maga'ziners out there!
I met her through a 'zine swap and she joined in on several swaps I was in for art.
Her work is full of depth, growth, life, a whole bunch of good stuff, and DEFINATELY *full of quality!* She is no joke! Someone to keep your eye on as she races towards stardom within the artists community.
She sent this as a gift for our wedding anniversary. It is a HUGE flower planter and base.
It was an adventure walking home from the post office with it!!!