Thursday, April 26, 2007

When in doubt check it out!

You know, just 10 years ago, when I didn't have a cell phone, or the Internet, I was running around, looking up info in libraries (Oh how I miss spending HOURS each day at the 2 NYC public libraries on 5th Ave in Manhattan *sigh*) and looking in phone books to find people, businesses and manufacturers.
12 years ago, I started my design business for "real" (although I had been in the art business virtually since I was 4 or 5 years of age! Yes, even then, I was making art and selling it!). It took me a few months to actually learn about all of the things that I needed to know as far as banking, keeping records, laws, rules, guidelines etc.
It took me a while to find out how to get the right kind of business license, where and how to file my taxes, etc.

I did a LOT of talking on the phone.
A LOT of calls daily.

It was quite expensive to call out of state or even out of our local area code, and I had to set time limits with whomever I was speaking with.

These days, cell phone usage plans help to make all of the old toll call fees a thing of the past.

Having the Internet also cuts down on time spent looking up info and finding out details.

I was always told that we were not allowed to deface money. I was lectured once about gluing pennies together with crazy glue.

Since then, I have steered clear of using money in my art work.
However, many people wanted to use coinage in the swaps that I have been hosting.
Thinking that it was illegal, I asked people not to use it.

After looking into it on the Internet, I found this link-

HOWEVER-even though it was still worded in a way that kept me thinking that it was not OK, 3 people emailed me saying that it was.
Yesterday, I needed to find out what the *truth* was about using money in art work. SO, I used the PHONE to call *Washington*, and spoke to 4 VERY kind and helpful people, all in different departments of the US treasury and US Mint.
When in doubt, check it out!
And the calls were not something I had to worry about paying for, and the info I learned while on the phone was relieving.
Yes, we can mutilate coins! However, we may not cut up paper money.
If we create copies of paper money, it must be at least 25 percent in size, OR 150 times the size if we enlarge it.
Working with people is SO much easier for me than it was just 10 years ago!
I am really looking forward to what will be in the next 10 years.

Monday, April 23, 2007


One of the best gifts, is waking up on my birthday, knowing I have *true* friends who are SO AWESOME!
Friends who I have had for SO many years, and new friends too.
You can always tell a true friend from a false one. Watch how they treat others not just yourself. It is in their way of giving and taking. The way they talk about others.
If they offer to give more than they take, share more than they expect to be given, and love you when your life is dark and depressing. All despite you being a miserable boring person during your darkest times...
You know you have found the rare friends that can relate to you and lift you up when you need it.
I have some of THE best friends anyone could ever dream of asking for.
My friends are loyal, kind, patient, true, funny, cool, artistic, loving, generous, self sacrificing, encouraging, talented, strong and brave.
Thank you friends, for being there with me through the years. When I look back at all I/we have been through... I find myself appreciating you even more than I could ever possibly put into words.
Through my times at home, through losing friends and family to death and sad circumstances, through raising my sister, through being injured and stuck in bed for months,
through the days of when New York City was falling apart. When I needed you the most, you were there. And you listened, to my endless phone calls, emails and instant messages of blah blah blah.
Thank you for supporting me, in all of the ways that I needed it most at any given time.
Without you, my life would not be as wonderful and hopeful as it is *today*.

Thank you for making *today* so much better.

I really do deeply appreciate you.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Everyone was a winner!!! ALL 22 of you!

Guess what everyone else who left a comment here.... You get a gift too!!!!
To the 22 ladies including Cat (the grand prize winner), I would like to send you a little gift.

I believe I have the address to most of you already.
But if you think that I do not yet have it... email me please!


Amber Dawn
ON MONDAY 4/23--- I will be picking a name from the list of people who leave me a comment on this post. I will be picking the name in the late evening, so check back Tuesday morning to see the winner!

The person who wins, will be getting a teeny book cover charm.
It will not have pages in it, so the person who gets it can do with it as they please.
I will also include a teeny starter pack of papers and other goodies to help you embellish the inside of the book cover.

To leave a comment, just click on comments under this post.

Hosting another mini book charm exchange!

I decided to take another chance and host an artistic mini book charm exchange again!
This time though, I will be asking to see the entries in advance, as I had some books come to me in unswappable condition.

The deadline will be in July ... so if you would like to join in, please leave a comment, or email me ... Do not email me any pictures of your books please. I will contact you back with more info about joining and swap guidelines.The swaps I host are for your BEST work. Please do not join if you don't plan on sending in really artistic or innovative design work.

The materials you can use are endless. However all organic materials are banned as this is an international exchange. Also, no silicon based glues such as Goop, or E6000 should be used.
It will be a 5 for 5 or a 10 for 9. (yes if you send 10, you will only get 9 in return) I will keep one to photograph, and use it for the blog gallery. If you wish to make 5 and be included in the gallery, then you can send an extra one along, but it is up to you and not mandatory.

If you are a smoker, I request that you air out your books in a smoke and mildew free environment for *1* month prior to mailing them.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Past!

For anyone who read the interview I did in the FAZ, here is a picture of the motorcycle/cowboy I was talking about! Or for those who know his art work in my 'zine, this is 'Cisco. He is also the one building me that COOL piece of furniture that he designed. I believe I posted it in October, or November here on the blog.
It's so cool to see the past through another person's eyes!
We just got this picture today from an old friend who was away in the navy for a while. The picture is 16 or so years old. I think he is much cuter *now* he gets better with age!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I watched the sun rise today. A new start each day.

Although it is raining out, it is SO nice and spring like here. (actually it is cold, I am talking about the visual look of Spring)
Flowers are blooming from bulbs, trees are budding and blooming... I've missed ~*flowers*~ and have been waiting so patiently for this season!

I watched the sun rise.

It is amazing how each day starts a new beginning. Starts out dark, ends with light, starts out light, ends with dark (whichever way you like to see it)
It makes life so much more interesting to be given a start and a finish to each day.
Speaking of new starts, I reformatted the computer (I had to, it was not working right) and lost some art files, my saved email, and a bunch of images that I wanted to post to the blog. I lost anything and everything that I did not copy/save to a disk.

I promise to post some really fun pictures soon.
It may take me a few more days to install the art programs and get the images from disk to the computer and edit them etc.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a FUN day!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My entry for the SPRING Gleaner Zine Swap. ~*~ Sorry, there are none to sell, I only made 7, just for the swap.

Someone asked where I got the boot charms. They were custom cast. I do not know where to get more.
These are heavier than the stock model you may find in a jewelry parts catalog.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Faith is fun!
Believing in things with your heart and spirit rather than just your eyes.

I believe that all good things are foretold, and will come to pass.
I believe that the truth is not what you want it to be, but the truth is what it is.
I believe in black and white, I believe in color, I believe in nature, and science, I believe in imagination.

I believe that belief is fun!

I celebrate freedom.
I celebrate life, and I certainly enjoy this day and age!

Friday, April 06, 2007

The mysterious beauty of prayer...

If you have ever been one to feel the healing power or peace that can be felt through prayer, and prayers being said for you, then you know how warm and fuzzy it can make you feel inside.
Like a nice intoxication in your heart. Like a warm blanket protecting you from harm.

I am feeling that right now.

After a long week of crazy deadlines, and very little sleep, situations came up that set me on edge. I had a major headache yesterday (Friday) because I didn't get to sleep until 10:30 am being awake most of Thursday as well.
I still have a ton of work I need to get done for today (Saturday) so that I can mail a few dozen parcels and run some errands...
Running on close to empty I was starting to feel frustrated...
I asked for some of my friends, and family to say a prayer, and all I can say is, wow.

Why don't I remember to do this more often?

It's like pain killers and Xanax combined.
Who needs meds and aspirin, when you can have prayer instead?

If however you don't believe in the power or point of prayer, maybe you can try it some time.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Blog Title Image-

OK- So, I have gotten 3 requests for help in placing a title picture/header on people's blogs this week....So I figured there may be more of you wanting help to do your own too.
You must have the new version of blogger for it to work.
Go here-

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I will pick a winner in the evening.

Because I am still up (4am) doing my work, I am not ready to print out all of the names of entrants for the TEENY zine charm.I will get around to it Sunday evening.For the time being-Here are some metal heart charms that I made for Becky New's ARTED UP METAL CHARMS in the charms2007 ICE group.

The charms are casted, then plated (metal). I painted the bezel section of it red, waited till it was dry, then filled the interior with a mix of red glitter and Triple Thick.When it was dry, I flipped them over and applied a generous coating of Triple Thick.While it was still wet, I placed a black tin flower that I punched with a mini punch and used florists foil that I got from Gayle at a Stamper's Touch in Canada.I topped it all of with a silver star, and some glitter mix.Let it dry, and voila, a totally ROCKIN' METAL CHARM!

I also took a quick picture of the choker being worn.
The choker is NOT finished, so I used metal twist ties to hold it on while I took the picture. It is not easy taking a good picture of one's own neck without looking!