Monday, February 26, 2007

Charming goodies arrived in my mail box last week.
I got my 50 return charms from the *Oh So Charming* swap that I joined in on!
The following list is from memory, and as soon as I have some time, I will update the list.

Barbara Burkard- Pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Rebecca Higman- An amazing mirror effect charm! (I must learn how she does this!)

Carolyn's- BABUSHKA charm! What a "doll"!!!

Kathy Beringer- a charm of 3 adorable girls in a slide box.

Pat MacMicken- a funky white heart with butterflies.

Becky New- a bead dangle
Belinda Spiwak- Scrable hand charm

Sandee's- cute vintage image charm

Heather Rowley- Cool image charm

Tami Roth's- cool license plate with image on the front charm

Paula Dion's- cool book that does not really open charm.

Jo's- moon dangle.

Gillian Allen's- Mona Lisa

Face by Kate Hanson

Janie Pinterits- unusual assemblage montage

Ronnie Grundset- hairy fuzzy bobbin charm with bead dangle.

Sylvia Miller- vintage face gold dangle

Cory Celaya's- unusual disk charm

Catherine A's- bingo charm

Turquoize's -recycled painting charm

Carla Naron's- Woman charm

Dawn Seller's -light wrap charm

Betsy Zurakowski's disk and resin charm

Amelia Gill's- face charm

Joan Ellis'- Love potion #9 vial

Catherine Wegner's- plastic image tube.

Elizabeth Woodfords- poker chip

Ro Bruhn's- fun cap dangle

Katie Turner's- fishy

Deborah Jooyandeh's feather and bingo charm

Teresa Stebbin's wooden yard sick charms

Sheryl Powell's square charm

Suzi Luther's- palm tree charm

Bambi Doe Blake's- bead dangle

Jenny Gill- Money Charm

Kari Gibson- I think this is shrink plastic?

Mary Bosserman- bead and wire dangle

Kate Zamarchi- face charm

Gwynn Thoma- Rhinestone chain and face charm

Luni Ladi Doreen's face charm with halo

Susan Burgess, AKA Sanna's - R for she reads charm

Michelle Dressler's charm

Kristin Strandlund's bird charm

Margie F.'s LOVE charm

Carla Henderson's- charm stick

Vicci Henderson's- stamp map charm

Gina Louthian-Stanley's- Butterfly in a frame charm

Tina Shoaga's face charm

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I was watching "HEROES" with my friend last night, and when the part where Hiro was about to get on the bus bound for Las Vegas, I heard a familiar voice and saw a very familiar face!

I am such a fan, and although it may be a bit corny, I feel that he is someone who influenced my interest in comics.

So, I just had to look up, to confirm my belief that it was in fact him.
Sure enough, yes, it IS him!

Do you watch this show too?
I find all of it interesting.

We all have different gifts and talents... I like watching what they write for each character.
Although I think some of the gore scenes are a bit much, I tolerate it and enjoy the concept of the story lines.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Plastic bags
Plastic bags
Plastic bags are driving me bananas

I started singing bag songs...
I have opened and closed over 300 plastic ziplock bags today and not only am I tired of it. I am now making up plastic bag songs!

I am just exaggerating.
NOT ABOUT THE NUMBER OF BAGS- I have probably done more than 300 today as I have been at this for over 10 hours... yes I am SLEEPY! But I JUST made up the song, and have NOT been singing them all day.

WHY you ask?
Well I just am!
I usually am!
It was sunny, and I LOVE cool weather.
The house is a nice cool temp, it smells clean here, I am very well organized, and
lots of friends have been emailing me today and keeping me company!
The man was at a basketball game in the city, so I had the house to myself ALL day long... swapping out art work and charms!

OK, I am about to go and do the 10 second tidy (you know what this is if you have kids 12 or younger who watched the Big Comfy Couch.
OK gotta run!
Singing this diddy now-
(The joy of the Lord is my strength!) ChaCha!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I am feeling incredibly great today!

Lots of snow on the ground.

The sun is shining brightly, and I feel so HAPPY.

I woke up really early and went for a walk, and had a fun adventure.

Now, I am sitting here, and I am about to go and get some zines to bind together.
I had a LONG break from working on them.

They were printed a LONG time ago, and I embellished them too.
It has been the cover design that has set me back.

Making my zine is one of my favorite "hobbies"
OK, I have to go and get to it!
I am SO excited!!!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I am having a mixed week.
Some great, some good, some annoying, times.
My camera flash is not functioning, so I am not able to take pictures to post on the blog.
BUT I did find my old Hi8, so I will be filming my work, and charms, and STUFF. And then I can snap pictures of the screen, because it is already lit!
*bright idea huh?*

Anyway,I have not been anywhere special, to talk, about recently... but I have been thinking a lot and making plans.
Right now, I don't feel like blogging....


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I just got the following email from an indie director I met last summer- He is really talented---

Dear All,
Please check out the video about FREECYCLE that I produced for Current TV.
It features the FREEMEET in Brooklyn and a few FREECYCLE folks.

Also, if you like it you can "greenlight it", giving it a vote to get it air
on national TV. The greenlight button is located directly below the video.
By the way, CURRENT TV is national cable network founded by Al Gore - Time
Warner 103.

Thanks for the support, and especially to those that participated in this

John Carluccio

Yep, that is me soaked in the rain, happy about all of the awesome artistic finds! We got so many AWESOME costume jewelry pieces. Many wealthy people donate designer clothes, I got BRAND NEW DESIGNER SHOES AND BOOTS! With the tissue paper and price tags still in them! Designer dress shirts with tags, LOTS of antiques, little knick knacks to use in assemblage pieces. Fabrics, designer skirts that I will one day use for the fabric. For now we wear them! There were so many AWESOME vintage items, and we met a fellow artist that I knew from Alma Stoller's FAZ group. I am the giddy girl singing the praises of how good freecycle is for the environment. I have my hair up in a bun, my hair was so wet that day from the heavy rain. My hair is actually VERY long, it goes past my hips.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gross food market rant, and spending the day organizing the charms for the swap, checking people's items, making sure they are sturdy, not broken.

Took a break and went to a local supermarket to get some stuff... While I was in the store, and this is a reputable chain, I found a jar of olives that had stuff floating in it. upon closer inspection, it was bacterial growth and the seal had been broken. What if a person with poor eye sight bought this?

I brought it to the customer service desk to have them damage it out- the girl just took it and made no comment.
Then we continued on with our shopping (the little gang I was with and me),,, And the next gross out was at the deli counter.
The bunch of us who were shopping were looming in front of the glass case where they keep the prepared foods and everything looked a bit old. So I had asked the guy working behind the counter how long the shelf life was for the salads etc. He said there is no set time limit. "When it looks old."
We were so shocked!

I told the guy that the food can be spoiled even if it smells fine, or if it has no funny taste.
I was standing there dumbfounded at the fact that he was/is willing to be a guinea pig.
We even started talking about the fact that people may be getting sick, food poisoning etc.

I do not order sliced meats often, and eat them even less.

Long story short... the item that I ordered, roasted turkey breast... was something that is usually marked with an expiration date right?

So on the way home we opened it up and passed it around for a snack.
It burned the mouth like a tangy bit of pineapple!
I made the child that I gave it to spit it out immediately. The kid had a cold and couldn't taste it.

What happens to the little children, who's parents serve this to them for Monday's lunch????
But what I tasted today IS A CRIME!
We drove back to the market, and got our money back.
I cannot believe this.
I live in a "rich" city and the food they sell us is ROTTEN!

This was the last good supermarket around.

I am so annoyed!

Hoping the little one who had the meat does not get a fever or worse, and I hope nothing happens to the rest of us who tasted the meat too. End of market rant-

*On to the charms!*
We have over *2000* charms being swapped in this round!
The first set of parcels are being shipped tomorrow morning.
It was SO much fun to meet many of the artists who participated with this event.

Our next one is in May.

Consider joining!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Beau Ideal--- Have you seen it?

So, I am interested in hearing feedback from any readers of Beau Ideal Arts 'zine.
In case anyone who has seen or owns a copy, and reads this blog, PLEASE leave a comment!
What can you tell those who have not yet seen it?
What issue(s) have you looked at?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beau Ideal Arts is making a come back in February with issue #3.5!
Here are some of the pages from that issue.
(#3.5, is a compilation of issue's #1-#3) Beau Ideal Arts is published by 5 Finger Prints Press.