Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal 2014

Welcome to the party!
Lori Anderson's the host of the event and you can find the *entire* list of 0ver 400 participants here, on her blog-

My Bead Soup swap partner is Sandy of,
This is what she sent me-

~*Thank you Sandy for sending me what you did!*~

I sure had fun making a bunch of different pieces!

3 sets of earrings, a bracelet and 2 necklaces!

Using the silver spacers and silver wire.

I made the cupcake beads with polymer clay.

Moon Pie earrings using the green beads that Sandy sent.
I made the moon pie beads with polymer clay.

I LOVE wire wrapping!
Sandy's soup included chocolate/coffee colored beads which inspired this chocolate cake necklace!
There are some green and green/brown beads mixed in there too.


She signs off on her emails, "Be blessed to be a blessing." 
This is what inspired me to create the focal that says, "Blessings" on it.

 More earrings! 
Using the silver spacers and wire.

I used some of the silver wire to fashion a posable hoop under the dress that I made for the Ddung doll pendant. I used the pretty clasp and some of the green and silver beads that my partner sent me to create the chain. The chain is longer but I shortened it for the photos.

I trimmed her hat and embellished it with a flower that I made from polymer clay and a Swarovski rhinestone in the center.

Blue goldstone is SO pretty!
Sandy sent me one so I used it to cap the pendant and use it to transition to the chain.
I love the way that it sparkles!

Here is a tiny, faux, tulip in a micro terrarium, bracelet!

The brown beads also reminded me of the earth so I wanted to create a piece, ~*Nature*~ in theme.

 This is what I sent to Sandy!

It was a GORGEOUS day out on Mother's Day!

This is where I took the outdoor pictures, Astoria Park, Queens NYC

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