Monday, January 14, 2008

Something that I exchanged a holiday gift for...

I LOVE her!

Although she has glue gun glue showing in several places, I just love the fairy!

I acquired her and another fairy that I will post at another time by exchanging an overpriced piece of jewelry that I got for the holidays.

I wish that people would take more care in hiding glue when making their work.

Still, she is fun to look at. When I can, I will use an OTT light rather than the soft light which looks too reddish and take another snap of her.

The ATCs in the background are made by Heather Kayser and Lucy Lee.

1 comment:

Ruth Rae said...

you know my dear I use to make fairy dolls out of clay and crate there body's and make there cloths... my mom
has two I will try to take a pic to share with you :)

I would love to one day make you some glue gun art... I will have try to come up with something cleaver just for you as I know how much you love the look of glue :)

I never got the chance to write you back the other day ... your note to me was so amazing! any time I fell a little low I have your sunshine of a note!