Monday, January 14, 2008

In an effort to be much more productive-

I have decided not to fix the phone jack on my portable, and just use the Internet when I am too tired to create stuff.

The plan is *really* working well!

In just the past week, I have done a months worth of work and zine making!

Because I am no longer entranced by the bright and colorful computer screen which offers me OH SO MUCH eye candy, I have been working on SO many projects all at once!
I hope that 2008 proves to be a FUN and fruitful year!



suzi finer said...

so understandable...I tend to fall into virtual=land and have a really hard time getting back to reality!
can't wait for the new 'zine...

Kristy C said...

What a great idea Amber :)
I have made a commitment to at least, once a week, not even turn on the computer at all. We shall see how it goes LOL

Denise said...

thanks for the charm Amber!! I love it and it was such a surprize!
I know what you mean about the computer, these days, it numbs me and that's not very productive. I am making an effort today though, I'm going to keep it off!!! As much as possible. At least for a little while. As soon as I finish writing this. And checking some other blogs. And making a long overdue entry on my blog....
Oh man, I have an issue!
Cheers, Denise, and thanks!!