Monday, January 21, 2008

~*Black and White Charm Swap- Sign up!*~

I am hosting another black and white charm swap.

It is a private swap that I will host and is only open to the first 26 artists and designers that sign up who are willing to create good/excellent quality work.

It is a juried swap and will be due the end of April.
25 for 25 pieces.
No color - only black, white, gray tones, silver and blackened metals are welcome.
No brass, no copper and no gold tones.
Each charm must be presented in an artistic or creative way.
(Creative packaging is what I mean) Even that will be black and white as well.

If you are interested in signing up, let me know and then send a picture or sample of what you would like to submit. Not all of the charms need to be identical, but I will need to see a sample of each style that you wish to submit.
Remember that it will be for 25 pieces.

No E6000 glue or other stinky glues can be used unless you have ample time to air them out.
No toxic materials. These pieces will be worn against the skin and should be safe.
Work must be clean and free of pet hair.
No cigarette or smoke smells.
Work must be water resistant and sturdy/wearable.
Only sign up if you feel sure that you can follow through.



Anonymous said...

I'm SO excited that I started immediately. Love this idea, Amber Dawn. Thank you!!

Holly in CA

mary lind said...

Put me down for 25.

Mary Lind

Peg said...

I'm signing up! Thanks, Amber!