Monday, January 14, 2008

Rusty Bezels up for trade!

I wanted to share these cool things that I dig up from a factory field...
I have rusty and not so rusty silver toned pieces that can be used to create tiny frames or even fill with images, text, objects & resin.

They are found objects and should be well cleaned before use.
I will not clean them prior to shipping as the charm that some of them have is that they are dirty and "found".
If you are interested in a trade, GREAT! I am in search of the following.
Flat back glass and crystal rhinestones.
Images like that of Art Chix ---or other vintage and colorful color copies with interesting images.
Rubber Stamps- make me an offer.
Silver and blue German glass glitter.
Diamond glaze.
Semi precious beads, fresh water pearls, crystal beads, fancy and colorful art beads too.

If you have other items to trade, let me know what you have. I just might be interested!
Thanks I am on the East Coast in NYC USA
Amber Dawn


Earthtone Studios said...

Hi Amber,

I really like your blog. I like the idea of less computer time too. These tins look awesome. I wish I had something on your list that I could trade with you. You mention a zine, do you publish one?


Mija said...

Oooh yes, i would love to trade and have a few different things on your list too. those rusty bezels and bits are very Kool! just let me know how you want to go about a trade. i'm easy. thanx for offering these Amber Dawn.