Monday, January 14, 2008

~*Fun & Sophistication*~

Vintage and modern components.
Agate, a fresh water pearl, 14k gold filled wire, crystal rhinestones, various plated and patina kissed metals are assembled together for a fresh and playful piece.
~*Jan M. this is flying over to the West coast for you as we speak!*~ ---Among other goodies as well!


Anonymous said...

Amber Amber Amber, your artwork is amazing. Your attention to detail, design, and artistic expression are empecable. From the outside box and all the amazing contents inside just leaves me with the largest SMILE you've ever seen. The glass charm, the bracelet is so beautiful I will treasure for ever. I'm wearing it for a very special occasion this weekend and will show everyone. I can't take my eyes off your creations. Thank You so much. Jan Myers

Anonymous said...

Amber I lost your e-mail but wanted you to know that I'm attending Art In Ashland Retreat (PaPaYa) and will be wearing your beautiful bracelets you made me last year, I will always treasure your art. also I'll tell people about your etsy site, so you never know. Jan Myers