Friday, January 04, 2008

Shake it baby!!!

Oh my! Aaron Behrens!
Ghostland Observatory was on PBS on Austin City Limits.

It's not his looks- It was his stage presence... Yeah well, I think that he is cute too...
The music was funky, fun and free, but what really got me into the curious sounds and stylings of this musical duo- Aaron dancing!
It was just so much fun to watch this guy all amped and jiggity.
Tell me that watching him does not make you feel like moving too?
He moves like Bowie, Mercury, Jagger, INXS, Prince and Run DMC...
I am sitting here listening to the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland soundtrack. The sound quality is SUPERB! The CD is also ripped with the soundtrack to Petulia. I have not seen it though.

Right now I am catching up on some overdue gifts. I am constructing several sets to wear and have begun to PAINT again!
Back to wire wrapping----
By the way---- I assembled *22* Beau Ideal #3.5 issues!

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