Friday, November 10, 2006

This is just a SMALL sample of what I got, when I went to the FREE give away at the house that had the free yarn. This WHOLE bag is FULL of bobbins of brand new thread!
I stuck the needles and yarn in the picture to show what else there was.
These bags are large and used to haul groceries and laundry in my area!

I have several of these large bags that are filled with GOODIES and I no loger have to hold a fundraiser because this woman had LOTS of WINTER hats! AND I TOOK THEM!
The fundraiser I was hosting was to raise money to purchase hats for those who need it on the streets of NY.
It gets SO cold here and the homeless sit outside and freeze to death.

I am also a knifty knitter instructor and can whip up several hats in a day with all of this yarn that I have!!!!



I can also make scarves and can ask people for old or new mittens and gloves.


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