Friday, November 03, 2006

I cannot believe that we are in November already.
It is VERY exciting!
So, what can I talk about... Well, I am mailing in a purse to Somerset Studio this month.
It will be my first ever submitted work to any commercial magazine.
Yet my work IS in the Sept. Oct. issue in Somerset Studio on page 55 (17 pictures of mine are shown hehehehe... No I am NOT bragging, I am actually AMUSED by it!)
Did you see it? Alma Stoller featured me in her 3rd issue of FAZ and that is what is reviewed in the Melange section of Somerset Studio.

There is a music band waiting on me to design an artistic and expressive album cover for their debut. Sadly though, I have been struggling with a "story" for it. The theme is "Irony" and the art body needs to be graphic/comic in style.
Comic art and graf. have been what I've wanted to work on (freelance) for so long. Now that I CAN do it, and have the time, I am having trouble grasping my own ideas! I have a slew of sketches and concepts, yet when it comes to plotting out the storyline for the characters to follow... there are no solid concepts that POP or should I say, click in my mind.
There are too many things floating around my brain fighting for attention.
"Make this.", "Design something for so and so.", "Finish those." "Fill the order." "Clean the house.", "Travel." etc.....
So I end up sketching comics about various scenes that could be ironic... People, that I do not know... Waiting to see where *MY* life is going. I need to focus. I need to map my heart and set course for my next adventure.

Until I set course-

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