Friday, November 10, 2006

So far there are 86 people signed up to participate in this MEGA- INTERNATIONAL ~*Artistic & Creative*~ Mixed Media Charms Exchange swap.
To sign up, please add the following info, when you click to join the group-
Name and mailing address-
Where or how you heard about the Charms exchange-
How many would you like to sign up for 21 for 20 or 42 for 40-

Dawn Sellers is also hosting a charm swap, so be sure to check her's out as well.
The difference between our swaps is that I am hosting a 21 for 20, or a 42 for 40, and she is hosting a 25 for 25.
Also the way in which the charms are chosen for both of our swaps, is different as well-

The way my swap method works -- I will choose each swap based on quality/effort/creativity, for quality/effort/creativity. I will not swap items that look like they took "days" (hard work and effort) to make, for charms that look like they were tossed and randomly thrown together in a minute.

Dawn Sellers has decided to swap randomly.
She will just pick a variety of charms "out of a hat", so you will get a good mix of all levels of workmanship. There will be no discrimination.
I think both of our swaps are worth joining in, and I myself have joined in her swap, and she has joined mine!
HEY!, More swaps for both of us!!!! *Picturing our wrists covered with lovely handmade ART charms made from all types of media!*

These are polymer clay charms made by *me*. They are made from Premo polymer clay and Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

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Anonymous said...

Hi back atcha! I was thrilled to see your comment on my blog yesterday, and very happy to find your blog as well. Beautiful things you post here :-)

To answer your question, yes, that's me in the picture, but I hope you know it's a wig...sorry to disappoint LOL!!