Saturday, November 04, 2006

OH WOW!!!!!

BY CHANCE, I called my mom just as she and my sister were leaving their house...
They were going to a home not far from where they live to see a person who had advertised free yarn on Craig's List.

Mom said, I am going to look at some yarn, do you want to come?
After asking questions like, "Who's house?"
"Where?" and "How did you hear about it?" I decided, OK, pick me up!
So they got here in a jiffy, and we were there in no time.

WOW WAS I SO GLAD THAT I CALLED JUST AT THE MOMENT THAT I HAD OR I WOULD HAVE MISSED THIS MOMENTOUS EVENT! Yeah mom admitted to me that she didn't feel like calling me prior to this "event" because she was worried about the room in the car.
(I ended up walking my sister home because we DID fill the ENTIRE car up! Luckily where we went was just 3 blocks up the street from where mom lives)

The front room when we walked inside was FILLED I MEAN FILLED with BAGS and BOXES of yarns, whole BIG boxes of bags of threads, and notions, and fabrics, and all sorts of knitting and crocheting needles and snaps, and YARN YARN AND MORE YARN!


I am SO in awe!

I will post pictures of some of the stuff I got as soon as the camera cord pops up again! (I keep putting it where it does not belong.)


And here I was on hold from shopping, not even able to visit any thrift stores or junk stores either, and THIS WAS ALL FREE!!!!
I also got a stack of great books, HATS, SHIRTS, NICE TABLE CLOTHS, VERY FINE COTTON BED SHEETS! And most of the stuff that I got was NEVER EVEN USED!

This was a home that belonged to an older woman who was a hoarder, and her estate was frozen since 2002.
The young guy who was giving this stuff away, was talking about her and telling us about her life. He is the new home owner.
The furniture that he kept in the house that belonged to the woman was N-I-C-E.
The other 2 ladies that were there were also AMAZED at the vast amount of stuff that he was offering to us.
No one argued over who got what, we were all so amazed, that we were all VERY happy for one another when one of us would squeal "OOOH!"
I almost feel bad for the one woman who didn't show up.
We all had fun, and I did meet this woman who makes some cool fiber art to wear-

I figured I was just going for a short car ride to some little old ladies house to maybe find a ball of wool or some kind of yarn to play around with....


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