Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I found a crisp folded $20 dollar bill in the foyer of the bank today.
I felt guilty for picking it up, and when I took it with me inside of the bank, I looked around to see if any sad or miserable faces were looking around to find a bill that they may have dropped...

Thinking about yelling out "Did anyone lose some money?", felt like something I should try, but then felt that it was a little dumb.

So I reached into my coat pocket to pull out the money that I was depositing, and right in the middle of my folded bills and deposit slip was a Chinese fortune from a cookie that I do not remember getting...
Honestly, it was not the kind that I usually find in local fortune cookies, as there was no "Learn Chinese" on the back of it... so this, I must have found some where and forgot...
It said/says - "Be tactful; overlook not your own opportunity."

What I didn't mention was that I added an extra $20.00 bill that I was holding on to for a "rainy day" although today was rainy, it was something I HAD to let go of in order to pay my monthly bills... Anyway, I loved the feeling of tying the bill and the fortune together, and although I felt sneaky keeping the bill... who else was I going to give it to, unless the owner claimed it...
So I walked out of the bank smiling a big grin, because somehow, that fortune being neatly placed in the center fold of my deposit, and what it said... I felt that it was going to be OK if I kept it.

Not sure what to do with it, other than put it back where I was keeping the other $20.00 that I was keeping for a rainy day.

Some people call it coincidence.

Not me!


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A.S.K.-P. said...

OK Girl, will you send some of that luck of yours MY WAY?!