Monday, December 04, 2006

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Sharing a moment of *AH HA!* with you.
Well, after watching Victor Victoria last night with a friend, I wanted to remember where I knew Alex Karras from... so I looked the movie up on the IMDB and found it. He played Webster's father in Webster.
Now, here is the AH HA!,
While I was on the cast list skimming through, I looked over in John Rhys-Davies list of films etc.
Here it is-
The Ah HA! moment coming right up.
This is the guy who played the DWARF in Lord of the Rings and I didn't figure it out!!!
You may wonder what the big deal is.
It is just that I am usually so good at placing voices, that although an actor may be wearing a costume, or putting on an accent or drawl, I can usually identify the actor.
THE SIZE of the dwarf tricked me.
If you are wondering who John Rhys-Davies is- think of Harrison Ford's Egyptian friend who grasps the date midair before it has a chance to end up in Indiana's mouth, (Raiders of the Lost Ark) after seeing the little monkey passed out on the floor.
Yes, I know, many of you probably knew this already... OK, that's cool.
It is not a contest... But I feel better knowing this info now!
Now I can tell all of my friends who didn't know and we can all be a wee bit smarter!

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patti said...

AMBER; thanks for the note. That is some coincidence. I needed the lift and the order. I have been struggling with maintaining sanity and that gave me a bit of a boost. Now I have to clean my house which has not been done in days and pay some bills. YIKES> xxxpootie