Friday, December 08, 2006

Yes, that is nice, but can she also draw?

Over the years I have been asked if I can draw, paint, participate in *fine arts*.
I have always preferred mixed media collage, assemblage, outsider art... etc.

I feel like a free spirit and never liked the intensity of being involved in the Fine Art community.

I knew I could draw and paint and sketch and do all the fun things that could get me into a good school, and get myself involved in some sort of artistic field.

Instead I rebelled and made CRAZY art.
Well, I suppose the word crazy is not really what I want to use to describe it really.
Art is comparative to taste, and taste is comparative to art.
Many different views and levels of depth that allow us to roam free and find our own liking and stylization.

Below are DOODLES, Sketches, and FUN. Click on the images to see the image a little more clearly.
I am only sharing work that I ENJOYED making.
Nothing "Fine", just fun and fancy free work on paper from my extra large black book. All of this work was done in the late 1990s
Ms. Hill
5 minute sketches. Each sketch was done until the timer ran out.
3 minute sketches- both of which took me 6 minutes to draw together.
This is Rudy D. Rabbit- I designed him during my "Arthur the aardvark phase" I have a sister who grew up on that show, and I ended up watching it quite a bit in the late 90s. See the carrot in his pocket?

I worked really hard on the details & the little beads.
I love making them!
This sketch took me about 3 days to accomplish.
I sat in the handball court at the park, and would study the guys there.
This is a conglomeration of a few young men, and one guy's bike.

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