Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Had a great weekend!
Part of it was spent hanging around with friends and family... but Saturday afternoon, we had LOTS *O* FUN!Went to Manhattan to hang out with a friend. There was a waterfall in the subway, a pipe must have burst some place.

We started out at Dylan's Candy bar to buy some gifts. Got a gift from the cashier while I was there too, THAT was unexpected and COOL! (No one else did, just me!)

Then we crossed over Lex to Bloomingdales.While we were on the ground floor we saw a VERY handsome Paul Johannson!EVEN BETTER LOOKING IN PERSON!!! WOW! (he plays Dan on One Tree Hill)He saw me smiling at him, and it made him take a second glance at us. He stood across from us watching us smile at him. He kept a straight face, but his eyes let out a hint of "Oh someone recognizes me, are they going to come over here?" We just smiled at him, and then I tried to look at the floor so he could get back to doing whatever it is that he was doing. No one else around us even noticed him. Maybe he was just happy to be recognized?
If you know him, ask him, then let us know...
Anyway,he then went on his way upstairs, smiling too!It was a fun moment!

After Bloomies, we walked through to FAO, down 5th ave. I wished that I could add a smell of that area to the blog. The distinct smell of HORSE and the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, along with the NYC pretzels.
We stopped in Bergdorf Goodman and I met a few designers and talked with some hoity toities (stuck up in the clouds rich and otherwise well off people who retain ATTITUDES!)There is something strange about snobby well to do hot shots.
It was a silly site to see some very oddly dressed woman trying on shoes that cost on average $560.00 There were some very lovely woman there as well, but the one I kept looking at the most was wearing some very off the wall outfit.
There were some COOL jeweled shoes there.I found a pair that I liked, with quilted cork platforms, but of course they do not even make my size, (I am guessing) and where would I wear them to anyway?!

We checked out the clearance rack where they had a "sale". I wouldn't call it a sale, but I guess that is what they want *shoppers* to believe! If a sale for a shoe is $480.00.... I could host an AMAZING party for that much money!

The jewelry was divine, although some of it looked like slime.
There was a Spaniard designer there that had a collection on display of organic designs. I fell for a STUNNING berry brooch with a berry dangle and large leaves!
I found one bracelet that was 'only' $47,000.00 (Forty Seven THOUSAND US dollars!)When I looked away, the sales lady started to rattle off the contents of the piece... It was TOO expensive for what it was! I turned to my friend as we walked away and I just said, we can get a hot car for that price...

At least their window displays are AWESOME!

I met some of the guys that do the windows when I was working at the art store. They "coveted" my jewelry. *Smiles* Well, that is what one of them said! They were very nice to me, trying to encourage me to "Go out there and claim your millions honey." Ah, such is the species of most young gay men with talent and attitude, yet they are fierce designers! *snap* *snap*

After a few more rounds around the store, and being bumped and shoved by eager tourists, we left Bergies and went over to Bendel's. It was so crowded, so we only peered in from the window.The window display was very odd and cool. It was a FLOCK of hundreds of altered peter pan looking dolls made to look like faeries. They are wrapped around tree branches? Or tied together to mimic tree branches?The pictures that I took did not come out well because the window was lit red.

Abercrombie and Fitch had 3 young guys standing in the entrance looking like mannequins.
Little girls and preteens were going ga ga and taking their chance at touching them and posing for pictures.

I popped into Lindt real quick to get some free truffles for some buddies.(Please, don't buy them for me, I do not eat them... yuck!)

The De Beers (Diamonds) building was bling bling blinging! Little strobe lights flashing at the base of strands of white light bundles.

It was LOVELY.

And I believe it was Fendi?, that had a gorgeous set of lights on the facade in the way of filigree belts with buckles.

Cartier was wrapped in the usual big red bow, with tumbling boxes on the facade.

We then passed a few more spots and walked through Rockefeller Plaza.
*WOW* the tree was all aglow and BRIGHT.

It was like a circus there. SERIOUSLY!

They had a slew of people dressed up in costumes taking photos with kids and stuff.We then went into Rock, toured the basement, watched the ice skaters through the window, then left the Rock, and took a break across the street... But first we ran into Maison Du Chocolate (spelling?) where you can get an assortment of fine chocolates for $60.00 a pound... I'd rather have art supplies at $60.00 a pound, thank you very much!

After a snack break, we headed back into the Rock- and took a train Downtown.
Spent the next few hours in Barnes and Noble and had a fun time chatting with a lady who is taking metalsmith classes at SVA.

I bought a cool book by, Tim McCreight and then we went back to the neighborhood.
I left out many great details about my day, but I figured that I would just give you the lowdown and the highlights!

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