Friday, December 08, 2006

GRAFF! For any ink/aero-spray lovers...

For anyone who ever doubted that I was for real...

Especially- for those that have been waiting to see...

Here are some pages from my black book, including my first attempt at a full page piece called "Jungle 1999"...
Please comment and tell me what you think. I am curious!
Well, I like MARKERS!
Prisma color Design markers are THE best!
I have not yet tried the Tria, so I cannot comment!

The sticker above, was designed on a wine box, with acrylic paint. I then scanned it, and made multiple stickers with it.

Prisma Markers on scrap pine wood.
My VERY first Attempt at Photoshop freehand with the mouse!


Sandra Miller said...

OMG...Amber you are a girl of many many many talents my dear!!! You certainly know how to get my ears to perk up when you post Graf!!!!

Your colors are absolutely incredible sense of color and your use of the push and pull of hot and cold tones is perfection.

I am in awe girlfriend..I am going back now to look and study your pieces. Thank you so much for posting these. We need to talk!!

Miz Carla said...

wow--totally amazing. All of that juicy color is so yummy!

You rock!!


patti said...

Amber; Wow, I am going to have to share your work with my students. You blew off my and Alanna's socks, LOL.

Nice drawings too from your other post.