Saturday, April 26, 2008

A WONDERFUL birthday and a wonderful day!

Wearing my black and white charm swap necklace.

End of the night- After a LONG day out! Me in my new hat- Graff lettering by "EQ" He was "inspired" by my street sig to do the lettering. I love the buildings he drew. I will glitz this up with a lot of crystals.

Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet emails, birthday wishes, cards & gifts.

I especially appreciate the gift cards and certificates to pick out my own goodies! THANK YOU!!!!
:o) YAY!!!

The best part was the LOVELY weather!

I just got home from Manhattan (Wrote this post FRIDAY night... but published the post 12:20 am Saturday, thus the date being the 26th...) where I had some fun experiences with independent designers and artists... I also passed by a junket for the Tribeca Film Festival... I am looking forward to attending...

OH! I "discovered" artist Terri Ventura today.
She makes what we call vintage assemblage couture.
Without knowing that Terri is already hooked up to blog land, I offered my info to the manager who saw my charm jewelry ala' the International Charms Swap group who was interested in hooking her up with me and vice versa. I was just interested in exposing her to a wider audience and ask if she would like to join our swap group.
Terri's work is right up my ally!
Check her out!
Many of you probably already know of her... she is linked to some of my long time and good artist friends - my swap pals and book pals Linda, Jenny, Ro, Sandra, and a bevy of less than 6 degrees of separation "friends" We really do have a woven tapestry art community!
(Insert the lyrics to "It's a Small World.")

I met "EQ" who graffed up a baseball cap for me with my name at Starbucks on 14th street.

I saw the work of Monica Magness in Art Doll and Haute Handbags. Her work is vibrant! She is also a VERY nice person! BE SURE TO VISIT HER BLOG to see what she is working on in honor of raising money for breast cancer...

Regina took me out to a local Starbucks before I went downtown... She brought over a bunch of B-day gifts which I will post pics of next week.
She passed on a copy of Belle Armoire Jewelry which I am enjoying.
She also shared how she too discovered the rusty bezel location!
AND how she too is now a friend of the Rottweiler

While downtown, I shopped a bit at Papyrus, and ABC carpet and home.
WHAT did I buy?
PAPER!!! For my mini art books!
A BEAUTIFUL sheet of handmade and machine embroidered butterfly paper at Papyrus, and a lovely green and gold sheet at ABC.
SO happy.

Although I wish that I could share more, I cannot.
TOO much happening and I am also very busy!

Please note that if you leave a comment during the week, it will be posted on the weekends.

Have a FUNTASTIC weekend everyone!


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