Saturday, April 26, 2008


Despite deformities, mutations and scars, we are all loveable!

I am very grateful for the multitude of people who surround me with positive energy.

Those who share and understand what it means to give of yourself without the hope for reward or recognition.

Thankful for the TIME that I do have to accomplish all that I can.

Thankful to have leaders and elders around me that DO UNDERSTAND that they are ROLE models for those who are younger and in need of guidance and wisdom in order to survive this mental circus we all live in.

More than anything. I am grateful for the fact that when I pray, I know that I am being heard, and a power much greater than anything I can fathom is interested in what I have to say, how I feel and is looking to make my life adventurous and more fun for me!!!

Cheers to Debbie who I may not know very well, but is a sweet and kind person. In honor of her birthday (May 4th) I write this post!

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DebbieOverton said...

Amber, Thank you for a beautiful post of gratitude as well as in celebration of my birthday. Debbie