Sunday, April 13, 2008

A plea for more swappers to join my Black and White charm swap!

Now I am begging!

I really want to have 25 charms to exchange, but we only have 14 artists signed up so far.

*please consider* joining in!

The only reason why it is juried is to make sure that the work is not sloppy and harmful.

Here are the charms from my last private black and white swap.

Please think about it!



Kelly Snelling said...

i posted your plea to an online group i am in, amber dawn. i hope some of these artists will come and join your beautiful black and white swap so you can have 25!

Pati Woodard said...

I have never been in a swap.... and I am thinking about it.. What? and due

Denise said...

Hi Amber,
Thanks for posting on my blog. I had forgotten to let you know what I did with some of my charms1

One day I'll play with you again, right now is so not a good time, but I do check in on you and still watch the digests!
have a great day, and enjoy the spring!
cheers, Denise

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Amber thanks so much for stopping in and posting a vote on my blog! :) Lovely to 'meet' you and to stumble upon your B&W swap...I'm very interested! Tell me, how many would I have to make to send in? Could my charms be cloth too? Happy Spring, can't wait to hear back from you. xo, Monica :)

funkyluke said...

amber i would love to.. my blog is ..
also my email is..

let me know..peace laura

3rdEyeMuse said...

Hello, I'm here by way of Girl Gone Thread Wild ... I've never made a charm before, but am willing to at least attempt the challenge (and won't be offended in the least should my "entry" not up to par). Please send details. :) ~M~

Kelli Schwert said...

HI Amber Dawn, I am in the group kelly s. mentioned. How many do you need and by what date? You can email me at :) Kelli

Connie said...

ok ok. i'll do it....unless of course my hand does not do well this thursday...