Saturday, April 12, 2008

International Charms Exchange group Charm Swaps!

Art charms made by (listed from left to right) Amber Dawn, Heather K., DDSZOO, Sherry S., Ellen Gray, Chris Hanson, Jan H., Amber Dawn, and Peggy K.

My wonderful international charms exchange group has been such a delight to work with.
We are artists from all sorts of backgrounds, walks of life, ages and occupations.
What we have in common is the ability to share works of art from our hearts with one another.

Here are a few examples of two theme swaps that were held over the last two years. The first is a swap based on Asian culture, with good fortune and the color red.

The other sampling is made from a beautiful fabric wristlette that Sharie M. gave to me as a hostess gift. The charms were made by, (in order from left to right) Kate Webster (Top left) Felted "A" by, Amber Dawn, "Sneek a Peek" by, Jan Hamill, Sharie M. ---

CENTER cascade-
Top right side between the pink and blue bead- Colleen from NM.

"What's Your Vision?" by, Sherry S.

Orange felt with green sequins by, Orla Swift.

Comic fabric charm made by Catherine in the Netherlands

Embellished purple pillow charm at the bottom by, Colleen McGinty.

Right Side of necklace-

"Be You" by, Sharie M.

"Believe" birds nest by, Heather Kayser

Tiny pillow by, Ruth O'Connor from Australia

top right- POM POM fiber charm made by, Orla Swift.

This necklace was assembled from a selection of fabric charms submitted over the course of two swaps.


I am currently hosting a private black and white swap! Details are posted a few blog entries down. You are invited to submit!

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sue pieper said...

The charms are great! Funny that I should see them tonight, tomorrow I'm planning on making some charms with some brass bezels that I just got.