Friday, February 16, 2007

Plastic bags
Plastic bags
Plastic bags are driving me bananas

I started singing bag songs...
I have opened and closed over 300 plastic ziplock bags today and not only am I tired of it. I am now making up plastic bag songs!

I am just exaggerating.
NOT ABOUT THE NUMBER OF BAGS- I have probably done more than 300 today as I have been at this for over 10 hours... yes I am SLEEPY! But I JUST made up the song, and have NOT been singing them all day.

WHY you ask?
Well I just am!
I usually am!
It was sunny, and I LOVE cool weather.
The house is a nice cool temp, it smells clean here, I am very well organized, and
lots of friends have been emailing me today and keeping me company!
The man was at a basketball game in the city, so I had the house to myself ALL day long... swapping out art work and charms!

OK, I am about to go and do the 10 second tidy (you know what this is if you have kids 12 or younger who watched the Big Comfy Couch.
OK gotta run!
Singing this diddy now-
(The joy of the Lord is my strength!) ChaCha!

1 comment:

A.S.K.-P. said...

OK A-D, I think you are losing it my friend! LOL I guess I REALLY won't start worrying about you though until you post that the bags are singing back at you! Glad to see you soo happy!

GB Hugs!

Take Care & Happy Creating,