Monday, February 26, 2007

Charming goodies arrived in my mail box last week.
I got my 50 return charms from the *Oh So Charming* swap that I joined in on!
The following list is from memory, and as soon as I have some time, I will update the list.

Barbara Burkard- Pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Rebecca Higman- An amazing mirror effect charm! (I must learn how she does this!)

Carolyn's- BABUSHKA charm! What a "doll"!!!

Kathy Beringer- a charm of 3 adorable girls in a slide box.

Pat MacMicken- a funky white heart with butterflies.

Becky New- a bead dangle
Belinda Spiwak- Scrable hand charm

Sandee's- cute vintage image charm

Heather Rowley- Cool image charm

Tami Roth's- cool license plate with image on the front charm

Paula Dion's- cool book that does not really open charm.

Jo's- moon dangle.

Gillian Allen's- Mona Lisa

Face by Kate Hanson

Janie Pinterits- unusual assemblage montage

Ronnie Grundset- hairy fuzzy bobbin charm with bead dangle.

Sylvia Miller- vintage face gold dangle

Cory Celaya's- unusual disk charm

Catherine A's- bingo charm

Turquoize's -recycled painting charm

Carla Naron's- Woman charm

Dawn Seller's -light wrap charm

Betsy Zurakowski's disk and resin charm

Amelia Gill's- face charm

Joan Ellis'- Love potion #9 vial

Catherine Wegner's- plastic image tube.

Elizabeth Woodfords- poker chip

Ro Bruhn's- fun cap dangle

Katie Turner's- fishy

Deborah Jooyandeh's feather and bingo charm

Teresa Stebbin's wooden yard sick charms

Sheryl Powell's square charm

Suzi Luther's- palm tree charm

Bambi Doe Blake's- bead dangle

Jenny Gill- Money Charm

Kari Gibson- I think this is shrink plastic?

Mary Bosserman- bead and wire dangle

Kate Zamarchi- face charm

Gwynn Thoma- Rhinestone chain and face charm

Luni Ladi Doreen's face charm with halo

Susan Burgess, AKA Sanna's - R for she reads charm

Michelle Dressler's charm

Kristin Strandlund's bird charm

Margie F.'s LOVE charm

Carla Henderson's- charm stick

Vicci Henderson's- stamp map charm

Gina Louthian-Stanley's- Butterfly in a frame charm

Tina Shoaga's face charm

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