Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I just got the following email from an indie director I met last summer- He is really talented---

Dear All,
Please check out the video about FREECYCLE that I produced for Current TV.
It features the FREEMEET in Brooklyn and a few FREECYCLE folks.

Also, if you like it you can "greenlight it", giving it a vote to get it air
on national TV. The greenlight button is located directly below the video.
By the way, CURRENT TV is national cable network founded by Al Gore - Time
Warner 103.

Thanks for the support, and especially to those that participated in this

John Carluccio

Yep, that is me soaked in the rain, happy about all of the awesome artistic finds! We got so many AWESOME costume jewelry pieces. Many wealthy people donate designer clothes, I got BRAND NEW DESIGNER SHOES AND BOOTS! With the tissue paper and price tags still in them! Designer dress shirts with tags, LOTS of antiques, little knick knacks to use in assemblage pieces. Fabrics, designer skirts that I will one day use for the fabric. For now we wear them! There were so many AWESOME vintage items, and we met a fellow artist that I knew from Alma Stoller's FAZ group. I am the giddy girl singing the praises of how good freecycle is for the environment. I have my hair up in a bun, my hair was so wet that day from the heavy rain. My hair is actually VERY long, it goes past my hips.

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