Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today marks a VERY special day for me. 1/06 is a great day in my history.
So you would think that I would be *So* excited about the 72 degree weather we are having today. No! Not too excited---worried...and happy that it is not snowing!
I am loving this not freezing my toes off temp., but my heart KNOWS it is wrong! It is a bit worrisome because I cannot stand the hot summer, and if our WINTER is SPRING- What will our summer be like??? Before Christmas we watched An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT!
After seeing that- I feel this may be more like the empty shore, bare ocean floor, right before a Tsunami/Tidal wave hits! (I hope not that would be horrible)
Rent the DVD, and watch the updates at the end of the film. SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE!
WE ALL*******NEED****** to pay attention.

I will remove this post in the days ahead, this is a temporary rant.
Amber---- OFF to enjoy *MY* special day!


Jen Crossley said...

Amber Dawn,rant away girl,I love your blog and I have always loved your art work,you go girl
Jen Crossley

patti said...

Amber Dawn; why would you remove the rant? (is it a rant? I don't think so) You need to leave it for others to it IS such an important topic. I have to say, I am not bemoaning all the snow I have not had to shovel this year. Winter in the northeast is hard enough never mind SNOW and ICE. THough I am missing the school delays and snow days.......xxpootie