Monday, January 08, 2007

I have a huge favor to ask!

After looking through my catalog of vintage images, and clip art, I have discovered that I NEED more images!
Do you have images that you would share with me so that I could create some art work with them?

I joined in some 1 inch by 1 inch tile swaps, and a couple of charm swaps, and I really would like to have some new images to play around with.

I do not want dreary images, I like playful and sweet, beautiful and lovely. No nudes please.

I appreciate your generosity in advance!

Today was nice!
I got a chance to hang out with my family, and we had a really great time!

This past week, I decided to share what movies I have been renting... and telling you what *I* think of them! I don't want to tell you about the story line too much...

#1- "Steamboy" a Japanese Manga/Anime film. ****
I think that it was rendered very well!
VERY good detail. A fun ride. Not good for little children due to some strong violence and temper tantrums.
Great for kids in NYC 11 and up, in other parts of the country, maybe 13 an up?

#2- "Fida". An Indian Bollywood style film. ****
It had everything. Love, romance, gangsters, fashion, money, karate, western undertones, dancing, it was like a watered down 007, Karate Kid, The Good The Bad and The UGLY and Untouchables!
One of the characters looks Italian. Yet he is Indian. It is interesting to watch, but we fast forwarded through many of the dance and song routines!
I say, if you can stand subtitles, and you think Ralph Machio aka the Karate Kid was HOT... You will like the lead character in this movie!
**Deep Sigh**
He was also the lead in another film made by the same production company, the other more teeny bopper film is called Ishq Vishq.

#3- "The Big Bounce" OK, I would not recommend this film. *
It is stupid and predictable. Lots of fun for guys and has some good guy type lessons in it. NOT a chick flick, unless you enjoy Owen Wilson a whole lot.
It did have some very good scenes, I for one enjoyed watching the scenery! The SURF! And the houses!

#4- "What a Girl Wants" ****
Very cool for young girls, or girls growing up with their moms.
I loved the film for it's cheesy romanticism. I also adored the architecture, the characters were well played, and I just think that Amanda Bynes is a Cutie Patootie!
A good movie for all ages, and both genders.

#5- "Howl's Moving Castle" - Japanese Anime ****
WORTH THE RENTAL FEE! And I will buy it!
If you have a problem with watching movies that have magic and talk of sorcery, this is not the movie for you.
It is a fantastic journey for the inner child and has VERY GOOD animation scenes. I just loved the gentleness of it. I also loved the Millenary shop! The TRAIN, and many other FUN details!
Good to rent if you have an open mind, and a good heart.

#6- "Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants" SEE IT! It is GREAT! ****

That's all the opinions that I have for the films that I have seen over the last 30 days!
Remember think for your self, and do not rely on me to make your choices. I am just *1* person speaking my mind, and I know that my taste, does not represent everyone else's!!!
*HOWEVER* I do have good taste!!! *smiles*


patti said...

If I can get into my piles and take a few moments to throw some stuff together, I would be more than glad to give you some paper...what are 1" tile swaps?
:) poots

Lani Gerity said...

Hey Amber! So good to see a blog by you!!!
I need to catch up with what you are doing these days!
I'll poke around here for a while.