Monday, January 15, 2007

My love for art supplies... Goes very far. I was gifted *2* sets of SHARPIE markers on Friday, a total of 48 colorful and wonderful waterproof markers.
I have been having SO MUCH FUN making shrink plastic art.
And so, using them, I have made several tiny gifts for those who have sent me lovely gifts and hand made cards for the holidays.
If you are reading this, the following names have a surprise flying out in the mail on Wednesday!

Alma, Rose & Julian-
Chris in the UK-
Nancy Lynn-
Ruth Rae-
Carla and Chloe-
Artsy Fran-
and Debrynda.

I will be making more to post for sale for Valentine's.
They are FUN charms and little works of art!
SO much fun!!! I promise to post images as soon as I have the chance to set up the camera and shoot some pics.

I also had some time this weekend to unwind and fix a lamp. I LOVE MAKING AND FIXING LAMPS!!!!!
It is something that gives me great JOY!
I wonder if any of you make lamps too?
I used to make little sculptural bases from wood that I cut on the scroll saw, and cut names out in Graffiti style, colored them with acrylic paints, and embellished them with Swarovski stones and hologram glitters.
I forgot how much fun it was for me... I would like to get back into it again.
I really miss wood working, and tinkering with electrical wires and sockets, switches and hardware.


I have SO much to catch up on in life.
So many projects on hold, so many things I want to do.

So little freedom.

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miz carla said...

SQUEEEE those are so sweet Miz Amber!! Thank you :D Chloe and I can't wait to see them in person.