Thursday, January 25, 2007

Personal post!
Glasses.... Job....FUN

So last Friday, after realizing that my eyesight is not as sharp as it once was, I bought a pair of 2.75 reading glasses.

Now I can see ALL of the details, finger prints, dust, lint, etc. on my work!
(That is good! I can remove it!)

I have also been sleeping better too.
Less stress in my eyes, and haven't had a headache in almost a week!

I am VERY happy about this!

So... if you think your eyes get blurry, and you get frequent headaches.
Try a pair of glasses!!!!

Well, I tried my hand at a full time job,,, MAKING JEWELRY!

I met a local jewelry designer named Bonnie who has developed some very cool designs, and is a lot of fun to talk to. See her website here-
It looked like something that I could do,yet once I started, I felt that I was not fast enough at this time as I am so out of practice with handling small beads and wire.
(Add to the fact that I should have been wearing glasses!) It took me an hour to make something that "should" take 15 minutes to do, (at a production pace).

I found out that I was not ready for it anyway.
My schedule is already full, and if you have been reading my blog for months, then you know I don't live in a quiet area, so I get woken up OFTEN at night, and early in the morning. So morning work hours are NOT my thing.

The best part of the day when I left the job that I barely held (*laughing*),- I went to visit my husband in the city who was doing a job for MTV networks. (It's not all glamorous. It is not the Times Square location)... Anyway, after he was done with all of the measuring and floor plan stuff, we took a nice walk uptown towards Lincoln Center.
I haven't been there in so long.
It was a happy time, we laughed a lot and passed the place where we first met. It was so cold though, so we didn't linger.
We walked from 55th and 9th to 72nd street (by the 1 and 9 train). I was able to see my FAVORITE building in the city. It is SO ornate and OLD!

I learned that although I am getting older, and time is passing me... it is NOT unkind.
The best part, I can look back and see how far I have come through my life, and how strong I am.

Despite my circumstances, I have a fulfilling life, I am happy with who I am, and LIKE myself!
(I already love myself unconditionally)
I have VERY good friends, a supportive and caring family, and 2 parents who never demanded that I chose a specific career.

How lucky am I just for that?
I am, as my husband puts it,"free".
End of personal splash.

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artsyfran said...

Amber, my friend, it sounds like things are going just as they should. I'm glad that trying the job helped you to find that you could use glasses. I'm glad that you and hubby are happy, but mostly, I'm happy that you are happy! xoxo, Fran