Thursday, March 24, 2011

~*Pay It Forward!*~ Name tag charms!

~*I created these tiny polymer clay name tag charms for a "Pay It Forward" that I hosted on FB. The "Lisa" one is for Lisa Swifka who founded the One World One Heart event.

I am pretty sure that these will inspire others to smile and that is all part of the Pay It Forward idea! Smile at someone and they in turn will smile more! Go on, start smiling! :oD :o) XD xD :0) ':o) :o> etc.!*~

I'll be making a bunch of these for International Handmade Art Charm Day next month! Be sure to be a follower of this and or the International Charm Day blog to be entered to win a custom name charm! I will be choosing a few followers at random! :o)
~*Have a happy and productive day everyone!*~
& remember to smile, even if it means forcing one for 15 seconds straight!
Show them teeth!!!!