Friday, March 11, 2011

More micro dolls in progress, made of polymer clay. Jointed and non jointed.

Next to my pinky nail (Smallest fingernail on the human hand)
Not feeling too bad about the details that are in need of fine tuning.
I see the general shape of the clay while working on them but not the details.
When I start to work in the sunlight and have more practice, the details will be impressive and look more realistic. For now, it's all about the impression of features and details and practice of manipulating the clay at this scale.

It's a bit different than making small embellishments or cupcakes because I have to work a bit longer at making the limbs close to the same dimensions as one another. It may sound easy, to some, but I need some more practice with it! They are so small and the nature of the clay is to get softer the more it is warmed up... So my hands warm up the itty bitty clay very easily while working with it, too much in fact sometimes which is something I have to work on- I need more practice!

His hands, for now, are just slotted/notched and that is because he might be the motorbike rider to the micro motorbike I am working on. The handle bars from the bike will fit into the notches.

My tools- a razor blade, a pin, polymer clay, my reading glasses, my hands and 28 or 30 gauge wire.

:o) I hope that there are people out here reading my blog that find this fun or fascinating.

If you like what I make, please leave feedback! If you have any tools or tips to recommend, I'd be interested to hear!


Crafty Gal Linda said...

the detail you put into these little creations is amazing! What a gift!

BLISS angels said...

Amber you are amazing that you can do this...I thought you ckes wre wonderful but the tiny people are sooo cute... hugs wendy

Suz said...

These are just amazing. They are getting smaller and smaller and smaller!!!!