Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Micro doll, made of clay. She/he/it needs clothes!

I was thinking of making it a girl, but left the anatomy a mystery until I find out what kind of clothes I can make!

The limbs will be corrected. They got all goofy towards the end.
The clay must have been too warm or something at the time.

There is no anatomically correct figure here, just a very tiny sculpture made of polymer clay that will be fixed and then sanded, painted and given some type of wardrobe.

I can imagine it wearing a cap or hat of some sort.
Wigging it is not something I am thinking about yet. It's too small to get that detailed without some sort of magnifier.
Well, I am using drug store glasses and don't really see all the fine details with them.
The magnifier lamps make me dizzy so I don't use them.

Anyway- I am on a hunt for a #15 and #16 tatting crochet hook.
I already have all of the other numbers so if you have the 15 and 16 and would like to barter or sell the needles to me, message me!

I would buy them from the internet but the shipping fees are higher than the cost of 2 needles combined!

If you find this interesting or have questions please comment!


Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

Oh, my gosh - this is so cute!

Christine Hansen said...

Amber Dawn, you have CEMENTED your position as the Diva of Teeny Tiny!!! I am in total amazement at your mad skills Chica! (and it possible for you to do a teeny tiny Darth Vader? LOL) xoxo, c

alisonwonderland... said...

I love not only the things you create, but (in a way) even more so, the way you present them. Very cool photography... you should check out Jan Svankmajer's work.