Thursday, March 03, 2011

Micro version of a miniature book insert from my Pirates & Treasures issue of Beau Ideal Arts Zine

Not all of the pages are shown.

 Measure All Of Your Worth, What Is Your Value?

Keep A Journal & Map Your Time. Make It Happen.

What Is In Your Bag Of Tricks? Any Fun?

Resist The Sabotage Of Yourself & Others.

Above All Else Be Brave, Believe & Be Alive In Yourself.

 Find Out How To Get What You Need To Be Free.


Cameron said...

Oh my gosh....I don't wear glasses, but I might need to get some to read those tiny pages...haha!

Great messages, though :)

Shelly said...

tooo cute!! I was thinking I'd love one of those for a 'Rite of Passage' for my friends daughter! it would be so perfect

Uli Jez said...

Unbelivable but true!
You have very good eyes, to create such tiny pieces of art.
With best greetings from Austria: