Saturday, May 01, 2010

Smaller than a dime- polymer clay cupcake for Heather S. Bluhm & the little one...

One of the best parts of being able to design something from scratch at a moments notice is seeing the eyes of the person who made the request, light up with wonder. The curl of the lips as they smile, once I present my ideas in fabricated form.

A couple of hours ago, while creating a little green frosted cupcake, made of clay for Heather Bluhm, Cisco said that I should make one with a tree on top and add a little bumble bee. I smiled and said, I will make a little bee right now.
Heather, I hope you like bumble bees too!
One has landed on the first green cupcake I made you!

He then challenged me to make a sunflower with a bee and lady bug... Although I do not have the time/energy for that right now, I put it on my queue for making at a later date.

Heather has been *very* patiently waiting for her confections for a few years now.
*seriously*, Heather, it's worth the wait!


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