Friday, February 13, 2009

~*Michelle's ~*Wear Your Art*~ OWOH offering*~-

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Are you a fan of glass jewelry? Painterly jewelry? I AM!!! I was SO blown away by Michelle's work that I literally *gasped* when I realized that her prize was made of glass and that it was *not* abstract, rather a very sweet landscape translated to wear by fusing the colors in a kiln! You have GOT to see this!!! Do you see the tree? Do you see the tiny toadstools?!!!

I WON IT!!!!
Out of 388 comments I left #19 on the 19th-
Here is the comment that I left-

At first I thought that I was just looking at an abstract color stipple effect,
then my eyes widened and my mouth opened with that "~*GASP*~",
I see the toadstools!-
And then the ~*Sigh*~, that was when I saw the rest of the scene.
I am a new fan!

Thank you for entering my glitzy give away!
I am SO HAPPY to enter yours!

Amber Dawn

~*Thank you Michelle!*~

And YES! She won a door prize from me too!
Intertwined destiny!

To buy her jewelry, hop on over to Etsy! THERE IS A REALLY GENEROUS SALE GOING ON!!!

When you spend $20 or more in her shop during February, you get a SALE item for FREE.

Just purchase your items then in the buyers notes tell her what FREE sale item you want from her shop and she will add it to your package!!!!

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3rdEyeMuse said...

see what I mean ... that lucky star. :)

I was sooo drooling over this piece when I saw it.

congrats, again.

Latharia said...


Kelly said...

jealous! jealous! hee. but so glad that if it weren't me that it was you!!

shiborigirl said...

Congrats on your win, you Lucky Duck! I was holding out hope that I'd win this for myself. ;-)