Thursday, February 26, 2009

~*Even Better in Person!*~

4 of my prizes have arrived so far from the One World One Heart giveaway!

I am SO thrilled and honored to now own such creative and visually juicy artwork!

This weekend the necklace from ~*Dawn Gold*~ arrived and it is so much richer looking in person.
She hung it from a lovely jewel tone ribbon type yarn. I am so happy with how it feels and looks in person.
~*Thank you Dawn!*~

I also got Brandy's Goonies book and trading cards from 1985- It is pretty fun to look at!
She also sent along a cool photo magnet of a camel in Egypt laying down on the sand with the pyramids in the far distance. I placed it on my fridge with the rest of my magnet collection.
~*Thank you Brandy!*~

In today's mail, I got the fused and painted glass pendant with chain that Michelle Strader made. (She is so cute! Her picture was also included on her card)
This is even more fantastic in person!
I love holding it... I have not yet tried it on- but I will soon!
~*Thank you Michelle!*~

I also got ~*She'll feed you tea and oranges." by the OWOH QUEEN herself, ~*Lisa Swifka*~
(I applauded)
The painting is SO pretty in person!
It sparkles and shines and there is so much lovely gold detail. The backing is black felt and the hanger is wire wrapped in a purple ribbon.
This is FANTASTIC Lisa! ~*Thank you SO much!*~

As soon as the other prizes arrive I will add pictures of all of them here, to share with you how they all fit in here, my home and life!

The happiest of smiles, ~*THANK YOU AGAIN!*~


Heather said...

sheesh so NO fair.. I didn't win one single give away. LOL You must have been lucky!! WOW!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

that's some seriously good stuff - I saw them on each of their posts originally, and think it's really great that you won the items. :)

Shoozles said...

So glad you got it. :))

Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swifka said...

You know Amber, I would have fun mailing you something every day. You make the experience so fun - it makes giving even sweeter!!! I am so glad it arrived!