Sunday, July 29, 2007

HISTORY and tradition.

After just seeing this as one of the headlines on AOL- I HAD to post this because, well, people need to know something important, culture, and history, before theorizing and analyzing some ART.

Another last supper thing--- <--- Click here

I am so at a loss why people would waste time looking for answers to history in an artists rendition that are not even accurate of *possible* truths.
The last supper, would not have been eaten sitting in chairs.
The truth would be, that they were either sitting on pillows or a soft bed type thing on THE FLOOR. Or something like chaise style loungers
The Passover meal (which is what the last supper was, a Jewish religious observance) is eaten in a reclining position. Reclining as in like NOT sitting on a chair at a table.
Besides that, I think, but I don't remember this for sure, the meal would have be served in a "U" pattern, so there would not even be a straight table. It would be like 3 banquet tables set up in a "U"

Knowing the truth about customs, traditions and observances is key to really looking into HISTORY.

This post is not intended to offend or insult anyone. However, it is intended to help prevent ignorance.

If someone knows how the Passover meal is served, can you remind me if it was a "U" pattern?

Stories, myths, history, whatever you see it as, try and put the logical pieces together first.

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Regina Rose said...

The thing isn't that the painting is accurate in it's depiction of the REAL "Last Supper" it is that there are hidden messages within the painting. That DiVinci is trying to secretly inform us of the historically guarded information that the Knights Templar were sworn to guard till there death. That there is a cover up, so to speak, by the religious hierarchy to matters concerning a family that they do not want us to know about.