Friday, July 27, 2007

The goods keep coming!

There have been way more goods in my life than bads, and I am *happy* to tell you that last week, as my old printer was driving me crazy for the hundredth time (probably more than that but...)

I just happened to surf through Craig's list in a section I have only gone to 2 or 3 times in the past few years...
THE BARTER SECTION!!! It is usually full of crazy requests and nonsense.
But I felt compelled to take a look with no clear idea of what I might find. Not really looking for anything specific.
What happened there? I found listed for barter the same exact printer that I LOVE and had been struggling to use and keep working with, being offered for trade!
The person offering it was willing to take something small in return too.

The best part?--- It is in PRISTINE barely used condition! It was an expensive model that I paid half a grand for in the late 90's... But I cannot afford one this good at this time!

I got another for *free*

In exchange, I gave the guy who brought it over (drove a distance), a Schwinn Stingray OCC black chopper style bike that was taking up space in my art room over the last 2 years.
When DH purchased it, he thought he would motorize it ... however, that is illegal here in NYC so we were stuck with this useless thing for a few years in the house. (that bike is SO not designed for pedaling!

Now I have a WORKING LIKE NEW printer that I LOVE and I am able print covers and special inserts for my zine again!

ALSO- last month, I went to a close out shop, and found rare papers that I had run out of a while back, that I used for inserts in my zine.
I would say that I am feeling so much more encouraged to continue my zine production!

I am SO happy to finally be free of the heavy chopper looking bike... OUT OF MY STUDIO SPACE!
HAPPY to get back to my Beau Ideal!

((NOTE--the printer that I had, was damaged after I bought it, so it was not a malfunction, but rather damage ... so a new one is WONDERFUL!))

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A.S.K.-P. said...

A-D I am SOO HAPPY for you! I am soo glad that you finally got some GOOD news and something GOOD happened to you! Again, I am SOO HAPPY for you!